A little rain

I mentioned it was cloudy

I need to recap the end of Succession as I fell asleep. It gave me the momentum to go and get a shower and put myself to bed all clean.

It was very still but also cloudy for the Early Walk. Charlie was still being a flasher but decided to go home at halftime as he couldn’t be bothered to walk up to Plakaki and back. He was sitting quietly flashing at the gate when we got back. Otherwise, there were no excitements except for the couple who left midday yesterday parked on Alonáki Beach and a different van in the beach car park with the Austrians.

Back at the factory I had the Doggy Dinners sans cabbage to prepare and also some banana bread to produce. Not forgetting an inspection of the sourdough starter. I managed time to meditate and exercise my brain and was about to leave on my bike when moisture began to fall from the sky in lumps. Not particularly large lumps but lumps nonetheless. I put my bike into the storeroom and brought in a blanket left outside by Isabella and Skinny. The rain continued so my ride workout was postponed.

The dogs were released and fed and I made tea for myself before finishing off the Banana Bread and shoving it in the oven. By this time the rain had stopped and there were even signs of the sun breaking through.

The remainder of the day has been restful other than taking care of the banana bread and processing the Doggy Dinners. I went out for a ride in the afternoon completing the same circuit. It was warm and sunny but I could tell from the sky that the weather is becoming unsettled: particularly on Tuesday.

The nice Greek lady who has been camping for thirteen nights came to pay her dues as she is catching a flight back to Thessaloniki tomorrow afternoon. I suggested she might consider the early bus from Paleochora as the frequency of the shuttle bus from the central bus station to the airport might not get her there on time. A taxi would be mighty expensive. She plans to come back at some point and I told her she’d be better off speaking to me directly.

Other than the 1mm of rain earlier, It’s been a fine day with only light air and sunny intervals. Tomorrow is forecast to be sunnier but Tuesday has the possibility of dampness later in the day. The unsettled nature of the weather looks to continue into the following week with some chilly temperatures as low as 14/15ºC at night! That should wake up some of the campers and encourage them into bed early or into the Common Room.

Warm with sunny spells after the initial 1mm of rain at 08:15. The forecast is unsettled for the next week or so
Plenty of dark red still but both end of Crete remain yellow


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