Rather wet

The sound of puking dog woke me at 03:55 so I jumped out of bed to enable the perpetrator to perform outside. It appeared that there wasn’t much puke to be seen which was a bonus. I managed to get back to sleep once Skinny, Fido and Isabella had come back inside the van.

A look at the weather showed that it would be dry until about ten when the rain would set in for the day. We performed our walk with the same two flashers as yesterday. There’s little to be gained by giving Isabella a flashing coller other for amusement purposes as she does what she’s supposed to do without veering too far off the route. The Austrians and one other were parked in the beach car park.

I had a few IT tasks to perform so much of the time was taken up with that before my morning bike ride up the mountain. I could see clouds in the distance so didn’t dilly-dally. I wanted to stop at the electrician to buy a couple of rubberised plugs and sockets and to get an adaptor for the young German couple. Afterwards, I went to the hardware shop for the eyes to screw into the decking for the tent sides. I resumed my habitual route passing by the PAWS sanctuary which was unoccupied. I passed the Swiss couple running from Grammeno towards Paleochora as I rode back. I discovered they’d sent a message to say they planned to leave at 12:00.

During the ride past the section from Paleochora to Plakaki I saw men putting plants into the soil beside the initial part of the cycle/pedestrian path next to the carriageway. An irrigation system was installed around one week ago. It looks like a good job!

I fed the dogs and made some tea before going to see the departing Swiss who were not yet back from their run. I delivered the plug adaptor to the German couple. No sooner had I got back to the van than the Swiss returned and I went to collect their money. I mentioned it might rain most if the days to they decided to stay another night.

I got on with putting eyes into the decking and cutting 4mm elastic rope to fix the tent sides. The forecast is for some wind later so we’ll see how well my attempt has fared.

The weather was a mixture of rain and thunderstorms although the rain was more persistent than heavy. It seems to have stopped now and the sky is brightening to the west. Thunder still rumbles in the distance.

The Romanian couple who went walkabout over the weekend returned. They said they’d have come back on Monday except they needed to go to Chania to recharge their data from the Wind office there. Some offers are only available from the shop and not online. What a performance. Greece has yet to catch up in certain respects.

A little overcast early on with rain from 11:00 onwards. A generally uninspiring day. Lucky the Greek woman went yesterday as today would have been unpleasant in a tent.


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