War wound

I found myself in bed around 21:30 as I’d skipped the last part of the program I was watching about the International Space Station (ISS). There is a series which follows the crews as they take turns in the ISS and carry out repairs and maintenance to the experiments. The ISS has evolved over time and consists of two main habitable parts one operated by the Russians and the other by the USA and other countries. The station is particularly suited to experiments which need to be conducted away from Earth’s gravity. Some of the views are amazing. It’s possible to watch the ISS from Earth if you know where to look at the right time.

The morning arrived a little earlier than normal as Fido decided he needed to wee as some silly hour. My fault for not chucking him out at bedtime. We got up at the normal time. The alarm is still 04:45 as this still works as far as daylight is concerned.

The same vehicles were in the beach car park but otherwise the walk went with little to report. Charlie and Isabella were still flashing although Charlie needed a recharge so I turned him off after a while. Oskar had decided to help the cats with their food and had deviated into the camping however I had other ideas. He didn’t respond to my initial, gentle suggestion that he return so I gradually increased the intensity of my suggestions until he came racing back. Perhaps he will think twice before absenting himself again.

I had some washing to put in for the German couple who only came for a couple of nights, were planning to leave tomorrow but have decided to stay until Saturday. They will have been at the camping nearly two weeks by then. I put in their washing then went for my cycling workout. I was feeling lazy as I was distracted by my War Wound inflicted by Son-Of-George who I was attempting to rescue from one of the trees in my compound. I was unhappy with the prospect of leaving him up the tree whilst I was out so decided to get him down. Everything went well and I was almost at the gate when Isabella came to investigate which caused SOG to panic. In attempting to restrain him, he bit my thumb at which point I let him run back up the tree from which I’d just rescued him. Only Isabella and Charlie were outside as the others were in. Charlie was bored by the entire event and snoozing quietly on a blanket under my chair.

I wrapped some paper towel around my thumb having doused it in medical alcohol, then went to put in the washing for the customers. With that completed, I jumped on my bike and went on my ride. I used more assistance than usual so was rewarded by poor circle progress when I got back. I’d called in at Petrakis for some fruit and veg as there wasn’t a lot for the Doggy Dinners. Yiannis was telling me he’d run the Athens Marathon the previous weekend and completed in a satisfactory time.

On my return I took the laundry to the customers where were eating their breakfast in the sunshine surrounded by playful cats. There were only five present but a couple more followed me there adding to the numbers.

I went back to feed the dogs but was waylaid by the Romanian guy who wanted to put a load in the machine which we did. The dogs eventually got their food and me mine after the DDs were in the pot cooking.

I fell asleep in the warm sunshine but was woken by annoying, barking dogs. Kirsti had come to say they would be leaving on Friday but returning before or after Christmas depending on a number of factors. Soon after, I was alerted to an arrival who I intercepted as they wandered down the camping. They have taken the space occupied by the Swiss couple who’d left earlier. The latter are heading for Chania and going on from there.

I cleaned out the large fridge in the Customer Kitchen and passed anything alcoholic to Tony who was delighted to oblige. Tony likes a drink. I purloined some other items including another bowel which can be used for feeding the cats. There never seem to be quite enough bowls to feed the cats simultaneously.

The DDs were processed and I cooked some beans for myself. Otherwise nothing else has happened except the weather was warm and sunny, people were laying on the beach and swimming. I’m alerted to the news that a British fighter fell into the Mediterranean whilst on a routine flight from HMS Queen Elizabeth. For some reason, the pilot elected to get out before the plane crashed into the sea but has been found safe and returned to the ship. There will be questions as that was a very valuable piece of kit which will not work so well after a bath in the Med. I hear the sound of distant chainsaws as the pruning season is upon us even at this late hour.

Warm and sunny with a very presentable temperature for the time of the year. It’s certainly a little chillier now as it’s dark and the dogs are trying to convey a message…


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