Maria came to visit

Despite chucking Fido out at bedtime, he wanted to go out again around 03:00 which is my favourite time of day for standing in the van doorway. At least he had the goodness to return promptly.

With both flashers recharged it was the turn of Skinny today. I discovered he’d taken a little diversion to the back yard of Azzuro until I summoned him. Otherwise, our walk was without excitement. The other van with the Austrians is Italian and there are no vans along the beach now. CBV has had one small rental car parked outside for several days. Usually, they call it a day at the end of October but this year times is hard.

I came back and completed a couple of IT tasks, meditated and then went out on my bike. I worked harder today so was rewarded by more circle progress. No stops en route either.

Only one wash to put on which took longer than expected as the power went off soon after it was started so I had to restart it. The punters were happy with the result which is the main thing.

Maria called to ask if I was at the camping: she wanted the key to the office as she has a lesson later. I went up as I wanted to make a better job of the notice stuck to the door which was hanging off. Maria needed to print some documents to sign and scan them before sending them off to people who’d worked at the camping during the season. Needless to say, a large chunk of the afternoon disappeared and I eventually extracted myself to put on the doggy rice and more clothes as the day was cooling down.

I’d not been back long before Maria called to say there was a large vehicle at the gate. I walked back up and showed a Swiss couple around the camping. I’m not entirely certain as to where they parked as I went back to the office as there was one more document to scan and send.

It has been another warm and sunny daily. If I’d not been distracted by Maria, I could well have visited the sea! Time was getting on and the cats were protesting and becoming restless so I fed them. Things can become a little stressed if they are kept waiting for too long.

Warm and sunny so the battery is fully charged.


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