I was later in bed as I was playing with my laptop and cruising the Internet. I believe it might have been later than eleven! Luis didn’t want me to sleep for long as he kept growling at Oskar. He was on the seat where Oskar wanted to go. I’d warned Luis earlier for his noisy and aggressive behaviour towards Oskar so this time I got out of bed, opened the van door and ejected Luis into the chill of the night.

His brother came to the rescue sometime later as I’d forgotten to evict him at bedtime so he wanted a pee. As soon as I opened the door, Luis was back in like a shot. It was Fido’s turn to find himself on the undesirable side of the van door as he took his time and ignored my requests for his speedy return. He spent a while outside but I eventually relented and let him back in. Perhaps he might get quicker at returning. The problem is the cat food tins which I chuck over the fence to divert the dogs’ attention at pussy feeding time. He enjoys the opportunity of being able to have them all to himself even though they’ve all been licked within an inch (25.4mm) of their lives.

It was very blowy at getting up time so I was exceedingly slow at leaving my pit. I didn’t feed the cats before departure just so we could get underway. The moon was providing plenty of light so it was simple to make out the Austrian motorhome in the beach car park. Other than summoning Skinny from the rear of Azzuro and a little Skinny barking episode earlier on, there were no great excitements during the walk other than to say good morning to the guy with the pickup. He commented that he thought Skinny is a great dog.

I went in with the dogs to start the Doggy Dinners and then remembered the cats needed to be fed. The DDs were soon in the pot so I was able to get my brain activities completed before cycling up the mountain. It was blustery and cold so I was wearing a coat over two fleeces and a think shirt. I also used a lot of battery power as it was windy and I was trying to get back. Other than a stop at Petrakis for some groceries I kept going.

There are plants along the first km or so of the new road out of Paleochora. The team which is plastic footpath coating is still going for it and it does look good even if it is highly labour intensive. I had time to release the dogs and park my bike before attending to departing customers and washing. Michael was first on my list as he wanted to leave earlier. Next was the second load for the ladies. They confirmed they have extensive wardrobes. There cannot be much room for much other than clothes in their van. The Germans by the sliding gate wanted a meter so they could charge their batteries before leaving tomorrow. The Romanians wanted to pay. The Swiss couple wanted to wash their stuff after the ladies and the dogs still hadn’t eaten breakfast! I was waylaid by the Czechs on the way back as well as the young German couple who need to replace their winter tyres for transit through Austria to Bavaria.

Other than attending to the washes, replying to Maria’s messages, contacting Manolis about the tyres, talking to Maria on the phone, showing a Swiss couple around the camping, catching up with the Swiss arrival from the previous evening, talking to Georgia and Maria on the phone, processing the Doggy Dinners and making banana bread I simply loafed around all afternoon. Furthermore, and not forgetting the return of the young Swiss couple, relaying the tyre order from the young German couple to Manolis, feeding the cats and then the dogs. It’s been a bit of a lazy day! I’m not too sad that it’s over and I can fall into a heap. That said, returning customers are easy as I simply copy their sheet to a new one, plug them in and let them get on with it. They know all the stuff they need to know and must like it unless they have a masochistic streak!

It’s been a lot colder today although there was enough sunshine to produce 5.44kWh of electricity. With the oven on for an hour as well as the Pot for DDs, cooking beetroot and Doggy Rice with the fan heater coming on later, production only just exceeded today’s consumption not forgetting the previous evening. Hopefully, tomorrow will be very sunny so we can catch up.


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