Only one month…

I was woken by the sound of a mouse trying to get out of the trap I’d set in the cupboard which used to be the bathroom. The aforementioned was relocated to the end of the Promontory with the other 500 or so mice I’ve deposited there through time. There should be a population explosion soon. Hopefully, that will be the last mouse for a while. Skinny will be disappointed not to have anything to hunt as stalking mice keeps him busy much of the evening.

The moon shone brightly as we walked down the road towards the Promontory. The Austrians have been joined by the Italians in the beach car park. Our walk was without huge excitement. Charlie disappeared briefly at one point mostly because I wasn’t keeping track of him. He kept with us to Plakaki and back but didn’t make it as far as the end of the Promontory for the second time. He magically reappeared as we stepped through the fence on the way back across the field to the compound. They were mostly a little lethargic getting back inside.

I briefly played with my new electric drill/driver which was delivered by courier the previous evening. The nice man was just getting out of the car as I approached the barrier following a call from Maria alerting me to his imminent arrival. Very conveniently, the batteries also fit my old drill/driver which is an added bonus. It was not economical to replace the battery on a device I bought in Scotland when I was setting up one of EG’s exhibitions all of those millions of years ago. The new drill is chunky and appears powerful however I’ve not drilled with it yet.

I went out on my bike up the mountain. It was windy so I used quite a bit of assistance. The man was walking his dog. Paleochora looks a little forlorn as nearly all of the eateries are in winter mode either closed up or serving inside. Things are not made easier by the CoVID restrictions on vaccine certificates.

I released and fed the dogs before going into the camping to collect money from someone who was leaving. They stayed four nights and are heading to Sougia for some walking. Apparently, the couple keep bees.

I only put on one wash today which was for the young German couple who are buying new winter tyres.

In contrast to yesterday, I’ve not done a lot except walk the camping a few times and chat. Nevertheless the day has been warm and sunny after a breezy and chilly start with some clouds. For the most part it’s been blue sky all the way and I know the Vlad, the Czech went swimming. Others were on the beach.

There is one month until the Winter Solstice so from then on the mornings will get no lighter but the days will gradually get a little longer. It’s not until 14 January when the sun starts to rise a little earlier each day.

A cool and breezy moonlit start which turned warm and sunny with virtual stillness. The battery is charged to 100%


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