Goal achieved!

Surprisingly, it wasn’t raining as I expected nor did it rain during the night. The sky was overcast but the moonlight still made it through providing a general level of light which was just about usable. The Italians and Austrians are still sharing the car park. Skinny and Charlie are still flashing although Charlie has been recharged. It was much warmer than recently so I was inclined to remove my heavier fleece but didn’t. The wind has changed direction so the sea was quite vigorous on the Alonáki side and I could hear it on the beach to the south.

We were back in good time as we managed to get out more quickly than usual. I had the doggy dinners to prepare so got on with that having sharpened my large knife. What a difference that makes! I fed the cats as soon as we were back as they were beating each other up in the storeroom.

I exercised my brain then took my bike to the top of the mountain and then through Paleochora as usual. There were no stops so I was back just after nine. There are only seven punters at present as the ladies are in Chania enjoying their spa and wellness treatment until Thursday. I’m sure I’ll hear all about it once they return. There was some post in the office which I scanned and sent to Maria and Georgia. There was also a greetings card which I shall keep until the ladies return.

I quickly released and fed the dogs and was surprised to notice the DDs had already cooked and depressurised. I left them in there all day as now I have another pot I can take my time.

I decided to try to see if I could power the switch in the kitchen from my electricity supply. Seeing as both the reception office and the laundry room now have a decent UPS, I wanted to have the switch in the Customer Kitchen keep going during a power outage. I remembered I had a cunning device which allows you to take 12V from a 48V POE (Power Over Ethernet) device. The POW device is in the cabinet which takes power from my system so will always keep going. Now the switch in the kitchen will keep going too! This is something I’ve been attempting to achieve for a while so I’m happy it’s finally working. It’s very annoying when the electricity drops for a few moments as all the switches reboot and the Internet connection is lost. Particularly annoying when downloading or on the phone! Hopefully, this should now be a thing of the past.

I also completed some other small tasks which have been bugging me for a while. I then cleaned some of the pussy bowls as these are rather scummy after the tinned meat they’ve been having recently. We’re having a rest from tins for a little while.

Some Austrians in a very smart motorhome just arrived. They let themselves in and parked up in one of the bays by the main bathroom block. They tried to call both phone numbers but to no avail. They are staying for one night but I gave them a meter anyway. We did a quick tour of the camping in case they might want to come back another time. Their van is tall and the trees need a prune so I’m glad they decided to park where the did.

It’s been overcast for much of the day however it hasn’t rained and it’s been warm. Only 1.83kWh of electricity as there was very little sun today.

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