The Finns return

Having looked at the weather forecast I felt it might be wise to wait to see how things turned out so we left somewhat later for the Early Walk. Skinny and Charlie were still flashing and there were no vehicles parked in the beach car park. Something to do with the fact that the Austrians were spending a night at Grammeno Camping.

Our walk was lit by an abundance of moonlight which had the occasional variation of intensity as there were still plenty of clouds around despite the rainy forecast. As time went on, clouds began to build so the forecast was partially correct.

Back at the van, I still had time to exercise my brain before going up the mountain. I had a freshly-charged battery which always makes for more lively and responsive performance. It wasn’t too windy at the top although the sky looked quite pretty.

I stopped to pet the PAWS dog now chained up outside the kennel. I should imagine she’s a runner. Following initial timidity, she soon got the hang of being petted so I must have smelt interesting when I got back. I was tempted to stop at Petrakis as the oranges looked very appealing but an alert showed someone was at the camping entrance with a motorhome. The motorhome passed me as I sped back but it was the Scottish guy who’d emptied the loo and left €10 with the Czechs who are parked near to the loo emptying location. We chatted a few minutes and I learned he would be heading for Iraklion to see a lawyer friend who is handling some property administration for him.

I released and fed the dogs but was soon called away to read the Austrian electricity meter. They were quite chatty today but the sky was darkening and it began to rain so I opened the barrier and off they went.

I got myself something to eat and sat down with some interesting YouTube videos as by now, the thunderstorm was passing and there was a hint of sun.

I felt I’d like to see if I could make the large UPS which Ursula brought from UK when EG closed its office and removed its IT equipment. It was all to go to scrap so I felt it worth trying to reuse. My initial attempt all that while ago was unsuccessful but the time spent inactive appears to have done some good and now the UPS is in the reception office powering the equipment there. The UPS from there has replaced the smaller one in the laundry room so we even have a spare for the moment! I’ve not tested how long it lasts but the Internet connection, WiFi and cameras at the office should survive for an hour during an outage.

I received an email from Kirsti saying they were doing some shopping on their way back to Grammeno. I was not expecting them until just before or after Christmas. There appears to have been a change of plan so they’re back with us. Isabella was beside herself with excitement so I allowed her out into the camping to greet Kirsti, Jorma and Siiri. They settled themselves in and I left them to it.

After a brief tour of the camping Isabella and I went back to put on the Doggy Rice and feed the cats. I was in the middle of this when I heard a familiar munching sound of mouse eating rusk. I picked up the basket containing the packet of rusks amongst other less interesting items, and went out into the camping to free the mice. I was followed by Isabella and the Fluffy mother cat which was not an ideal situation for releasing mice so I put Isabella inside and fed the cats. I released two more baby mice and came back to find another in the trap making three released. I decided to use rusk to bait the trap so removed on of the rusks from the packet to put a piece in the trap and out wandered yet another baby mouse. This one was less lucky as all of the dogs were standing around watching. It was a quick end. Are there more mice? Only time and Skinny will tell.

The Doggy Rice is now ready as are the dogs. The excitements have delayed the doggy meal so I’d better get on with it.

A little warmer than yesterday as the wind is more northerly. The thunderstorm delivered another 3.8mm rain however the afternoon turned out sunny and warm.

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