New Arrival

It was only when I was in bed that I remembered Fido hadn’t been out for his evening Piddle Excursion. He reminded me of this fact at 02:55 when he started wandering around. Still, he was fairly quick to return and I was soon asleep.

I consulted Windfinder and WU before departing my pit to reassure myself about the weather. I learned it was not going to be windy, there was little chance of rain and it was quite warm outside. I found out that the wind was from the SW when standing on the Promontory.

There was moonlight so the going was good however I still used my torch for crossing the rocks as I can make better progress that way. All of the dogs turned up to the first two meeting points very promptly. Luis and Oskar were wearing flashing collars which arrived via ACS yesterday. Smaller items used to arrive via ELTA, the post office. At least DHL—>ACS are being coordinated and efficient at present. The delivery guy was pleasant and professional.

Someone appears to have removed the three loungers I dragged up the beach yesterday but I was unable to see very well due to the darkness and my torch being in my heavy fleece which was draped over a tree by the car park. It remained warm as we walked back and there was a slight breeze. We completed our walk and were back at the van around 06:50. I put on the kettle and went to feed the cats then made my tea and got on with setting up some porridge for later.

With the RV and other interruptions yesterday, the Banana Bread didn’t get done so I reverted to porridge. It takes me around twenty-five minutes to make up a pan of porridge which is not just some oats and water chucked in. It includes nuts and dried fruit with some flax ground up in the mill, chopped apple and so on. I’ve concluded also that Banana Bread is just as filling as porridge but uses fewer resources and takes less time. It’s less than an hour to make up Banana bread and it’s noss effort to chuck it in the oven. I then have enough for the next six days so I feel it’s easier than doing preparing breakfast every day. There is the delightful aroma in the air as I write.

I’d completed my brain workouts and ride which took in Petrakis for some groceries and pet food as Yiannis was on the checkout. I get extra when I order through him. I sat down to some tea and glue once I’d fed the dogs but I’d not long finished when I was summoned to the reception for a new arrival. Not really new as he was here a couple of years ago and earlier in the season. He said he’d be coming back for a longer stay and said it would be three months. He and his dog are now installed by the bar and sliding gate.

The remainder of the day was taken up with banana bread production now cooling in the oven until tomorrow morning. The afternoon has been warm and sunny but I thought we might have rain at one point this morning and there were a few drops. The sky has now clouded over and there is a possibility of rain later. Things are looking unstable for the week to come but that could all change at this time of the year.

A mixed day but the southwesterly wind kept the temperature sensibly warm and there was sufficient sun for nearly 6kWh of PV action and plenty of hot water in the shower.


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