I fell asleep in front of the box which was hardly surprising as I felt tired before I ate. I managed to watch Martin Shaw as Inspector George Gently – a brief journey back to the 60s. It was only around nine but I was soon asleep once in bed.

We were out the gate just after five and across the field to find a rather surprised man who was surrounded by dogs with flashing collars. I walked on by and we exchanged good mornings. He was probably up to some nefarious activity and was gone by the time we came back.

I abandoned the crossing of the rocks as the sea was trying to fill the lagoon. I wasn’t watching where I was walking so found myself up to my ankles in water. I’m trying to dry my boots having washed them through with fresh water upon my return. The socks are dry!

It was a little surreal walking up Alonáki beach under the moonlight with a strong sea to the right. The dogs behaved themselves however Charlie and Oskar ware interested in something near the houses at the top of the beach. We walked back but not across the rocks to avoid wetter feet.

I put the dogs inside and got on with my morning workouts and cat feeding before leaving on my bike to go up the mountain. There was no wind so it was comparatively easy. It felt chilly when I left but I was glad not to be wearing the heavier fleece in the pannier when climbing the mountain. There was one stop to visit the PAWS dog. I’d just finished giving her the last of the biscuits when the other little shy girl appeared. The dog wasn’t tried up today and didn’t try to follow me when I left.

I released and fed the dogs and was about to feed myself when I received a call from the entrance barrier. The couple who have stayed one night twice so far needed to wash some clothes and take a shower. I suggested they might just let themselves in in future as the barrier appears to be locked but is in reality open. We had a chat and I retuned to my breakfast.

The next arrival was the caravan for the woman who arrives on Tuesday. The van appeared larger than I’d imagined however it is now located under the shading right by the beach. Between them, they manhandled it into position having trimmed the tree a little. I left them to do whatever was needed as I wanted to continue with my cleanup operation.

I’d recently trimmed the carobs to the west of the van starting with the branches which strike the metal roof and stanchions when it’s windy. There were too many branches as I’ve neglected the trees for some while so more needed trimming as some were far too low. Carobs just seem to grow and produce parallel sets of branches which seems a little resource wasteful.

I also wanted to rake up the fallen carob pods and get rid of the leaves and any other rubbish. This included the solid lump of cement which has been sitting there since the upper roof was erected. I used the wheelbarrow to cart the rubbish to the bin and collected up the cat food tins cleaned by the dogs and crushed by me.

On one of my bin runs with the wheelbarrow, a couple in a Danish registered right hand-drive VW entered the camping. They turned out to be from Devon, formerly London. I showed them the site and they plan to arrive on Tuesday evening around 20:00. I suggested they might wish to see themselves in and I’d catch up with them the following morning.

I was going round to feed the Fluffy Mother cat when I spotted a man who turned out to be someone I’d corresponded with before lockdown last year. He and his other half plan to stay for a couple of weeks in a small cabin or T1.

He finally left and I went back to the dogs to put on the Doggy Rice and sort things out. The cats had previously been fed.

It’s good to have a little more order in the compound, no branches bashing the metalwork and the lower branches removed. It’s been a successful day and quite productive. The weather was mostly warm and reasonably still but there’s a little more wind now. I shall not be late to bed. I’d better feed the dogs and myself before I fall asleep.

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