Only Eight Years

The night was very warm with a high of 24.4ºC – like summer but in November. We set off after five with me wearing a t-shirt, shirt and light fleece. The shirt and fleece spent most of the time hanging in the branches of a tree in the car park.

It was very dark as the sky was overcast so the moon was nowhere to be seen. The sea was trying to get into the lagoon so I didn’t bother with the rock crossing as my shoes were only just dry. We walked up Alonáki to be cut off by the sea which was flowing back into the river having worn away the shingle bank. Crossing was possible with care and a little briskness. All down to timing. The sea had been noisy all night so it was hardly surprising.

We completed our walk and were back before seven which gave me time to put the DDs in the pot ready for later. I exercised my brain and then rode my bike. There was a stop at the electricians for some electrical and plumbing bits as I felt the urge coming on to sort out some of the annoying dripping taps. With another arrival tomorrow, I’m going to need one more electricity meter but they are all in use. I have one I installed to monitor my electricity so can use that as it’s not really needed, there’s one in Ξ6 which is unoccupied and a digital meter in my consumer unit. These can all be pressed into service. I also bought some new taps and other plumbing paraphernalia.

My next stop was the soppy PAWS dog which had eaten through the string restraining it and laying on the roof of its house. She seemed to enjoy her petting and biscuits and I left to ride back to Grammeno. The other little female turned up just as I was leaving – late to the party once again!

After feeding my dogs I fed myself then got on with some little plumbing tasks. The first, and I thought easiest was the tap used for the hose where people wash out their WC cassettes. The tap is running constantly and there is a long hose attached to it. I replaced the tap and put a short length of hose on it. It’s on a standpipe so I needed to turn off all of the water connected to it. This was not an easy task in itself.

I had intended to get on with the meters but instead started on the tap above the washing sinks. This has been annoying me for around eight years as the tap was far too near to the sinks making it difficult to direct water from the short length of hose attached to the tap into either bowl. I cut off a length of copper pipe from one of the old showers and used that to raise up the tap. It now has a longer length of hose so it’s possible to direct the water to either washing bowl or fill a container. It only took me eight years! Due to various complications and my desire to make a good job of it, time passed rapidly and it was soon time to feed the cats which had been ‘helping’.

The DDs have been processed and the Doggy Rice is cooked and depressurising in the pot. Isabella and Charlie are in the SDC due to an earlier misdemeanour on the part of Isabella. She and I need to have words.

I contacted Maria yesterday about prices for a customer and reminded her again today. She called me saying she and Georgia had tried to find the winter price list I created in 2018 without success so asked me to put something together for their consideration. I’m still pushing to install WiFi meters in all of the accommodation which has air con so that the customers can be responsible for the electricity during the summer. With the WiFi metering there is no need for photos or wandering around the camping looking at meters. Just look in the app and reset the meter remotely! It should improve the environment however I suspect Georgia’s main goal is to same money.

The day has been overcast but warm although it’s slightly winder now. There is the possibility of rain tonight and the weather could become wetter near the end of the week. The Sahara airstream we’re currently enjoying will be replace by a northerly wind so it will suddenly become much cooler.

The high of 24.4ºC was at 02:23 (morning, not afternoon)


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