No wind and quite warm as I walked across the field this morning. There was little in the way of moonlight as it was also cloudy. The sea was a lot calmer on both sides of the Promontory but the wind is generally southwesterly so I didn’t really fancy the rocks in the dark. I considered them on the return journey but went off the idea as most of the depressions in the rocks are full of water from the sky or the sea. Navigating around them in the early morning light to discover the way barred by crashing seas was too much to consider.

We walked down to the sandy bit and then back to the camping. Some areas of beach on the Alonáki side have stones back on them but there are still large areas with sand and a few larger rocks scattered about.

I had Doggy Dinners to prepare so fed the cats and managed to get it in the pot and on the go before 07:25. Fortuitous as I had a washing machine appointment at 08:00 and I wanted to go for my ride straight after. I completed more cerebral workouts and took my bike over to the laundry room for eight. The guy appeared with an enormous load which he proceeded to put into the machine. We talked briefly about ebikes and then I set off. I wanted to go to the electrician to get rubber plugs and sockets as well as Petrakis for some groceries.

Both missions were accomplished without difficulty so I arrived back at the camping to unload the washer and present it to the customer who was ready to hang it up.

The dogs were happy to have some food after I’d removed a few layers of clothes as by now the day was considerably warmer. I got something ready for myself and set the Banana Bread in motion. It’s going to be a little unsettled for a few days so I wanted to get the BB in the oven whilst it was sunny. A message from Frank asking about the washing machine diverted my time from idleness so the second load of the day went in.

The English van with Danish plates arrived yesterday evening so I wanted to catch up with Petros to welcome him back to the camping. He was alone as his other half had to remain in Chania. He didn’t have cash so he paid me directly using online banking.

I went back later to let Frank collect his washing but it wasn’t long after he’d hung it up we had a brief shower. The day has been a succession of prolonged sunny intervals with occasional cloud and a few raindrops.

I’d intended doing things with meters but seemed to be lacking the will to do so. I made the Banana Bread and popped it in the over whilst the sun was shining heartily. It’s slightly more efficient to use sunlight directly than charge and discharge the battery. I also had some spinach soaking in the sink so have been shuffling things around when making BB and DD.

Warmer than yesterday with plenty of sunshine which delivered almost 7kWh of electricity.
Reference Date 23/11/2021
Reference Date 30/11/2021

The last two CoVID maps showing the changes. I note that Rhodes is now red but no change on Crete.

Making herself at home on my bike bag


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