The rain was falling gently on the roof as I woke. It didn’t sound as though it was going to stop anytime soon so I went back to sleep. It was just coming up to seven-thirty as we left the starting gate and crossed the field. There was little wind and it was light so we made good progress including the rocks in both directions. I managed not to slip and fall into any of the pools of water so we returned to the camping with a full compliment of dogs and dry feet. In all, around 4.6mm water fell in the morning.

The sky was still looking very unstable and the sound of passing vehicles confirmed my suspicions that the road was still wet so I postponed my cycling workout until later. The forecast predicted that it would not rain again until after dark.

I fed the dogs and cats before making some tea and feeding myself. Kirsti decided they’d better go shopping as rain is forecast for tomorrow and the shops are shut on Sunday. I was struggling with the logic…

The late start had interrupted my morning routine and stolen a couple of hours from my day which I found somewhat annoying. The day never really recovered after that. It was afternoon before I knew where I was but at least the weather had cheered up a little and it wasn’t raining.

There was a courier delivery for the ladies. I managed to get out to intercept him this time but he’d already made contact with the ladies. I gave him the camping mobile number so that he can call ahead via Maria. I’m actually looking for a suitable Greek phone contract now that calls to UK are no longer included in the EU bundle and are consequently quite expensive. I’ve not yet managed to find anything suitable as I don’t need to make, just receive calls. Most contracts are aimed at people who make a lot of calls so are more expensive than I’m prepared to consider.

I eventually got onto my bike and completed my cycle workout which took in the mountain and a trip through Paleochora. The little dog was pleased to see me so I spent some time petting her. Another dog walking nearby distracted her so I was able to make my exit.

Georgia appeared in the camping later in the afternoon so I was able to offload some of the money which I was finding hard to stuff into my pot. I’d already sent her a written summary of the month’s takings.

I fed the dogs and we retired inside out of the wind. The sea is still quite rough but no rain so far.

Rough sea off Grammeno Beach showing how the rocks have been scoured out.
Looking southeast
A damp start which turned into a mostly dry day which became windier but not cold.


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