Eating An Elephant

Heavy rain tapped gently on the metal roof sending me back to sleep as there was no point in doing anything else. Finally, it stopped so I tentatively crawled out of bed to open the door to let the dogs out.

We got ready and set off across an exceedingly soggy field towards an even soggier road to the Promontory. I noticed Skinny and some of the others disappear up the beach and wondered why until we met the guy who puts out loads of rods into the sea as we walked towards Plakaki.

I decided we wouldn’t walk the rocks and the rain started as we headed back towards Plakaki. It was still dark so I could see the fisherman so diverted onto the track which was less than dry. By this point, I was aware that we were going to get very wet so there seemed little point is worrying about it. We completed our habitual walk and paddled soggily back across a flooded field just as the rain became particularly nasty. The dogs went quickly inside but not into the van as I’d taken the precaution to shut the door.

I dried off the dogs as the water ran out of my shorts, I knew it was time for a change of clothes and a hot shower. However, the cats needed feeding but there was a lake outside the storeroom too deep and wide for me to want to cross. Some of the cats were inside and others outside. I grabbed some wooden planks and put then down so I could get into the storeroom. The cats followed and the usual feeding frenzy began.

I went to get a shower and then shove everything that needed washing into the machine. It was still raining but more gently. I wandered the camping and chatted to the punters. Only one electricity meter was off and that was because an extension cable was in the water. The boiler was having a turn but I managed to restart that when I was hanging my clothes over the drier in the laundry room.

The day continued with a succession of rainy spells and overcast sky. It wasn’t cold and neither was the sea as I discovered when I walked into it. Later, I went for a walk along the beach towards the huge lump of polythene, nylon and plastic embedded in the sand. It had been there a few days and there were discussions amongst the punters about what to do with it.

I started picking at some of the easier pieces and digging at the sand. The ladies were also on the beach picking up detritus and wandered over to help. They felt it was too big a task to be completed manually. I suggested it was like eating an elephant – don’t try to eat it all at once! We were joined by Wolfgang and his wife who had a sharp knife we used to cut away at the plastic. The Czechs passed and took away and disposed of the plastic and other rubbish to the nearby bins. Tony passed by with the dogs to return with Georgia’s friend who’s staying a few days at the camping. Tony’s a strong lad so we were between us all able to finally get the lump out. To drag the lump was hard work so a nice lady in a pickup dragged it near to the bins. There it sits until the bin men hopefully pick it up. Anyone walking past to see all these people paddling in the incoming sea might have thought we were all bonkers. We went our separate ways to wash our feet.

The dogs were quiet when I went back to the van where I put on the doggy rice and had a sit down. The rain continued and it felt colder so I decided to fix up a gas bottle to use the heater to save electricity as there are a few more dismal days to come. Hopefully, we’ll see some sun tomorrow and my washing will dry.

My phone rang later with Georgia on the other end telling me there were customers at the camping entrance. An older couple in a Mercedes truck with a habitation box on the back were in the car park. I suggested they stay there the night and we’d sort them out in the morning in the daylight.

A rather damp day with over 60mm precipitation. Tomorrow should be reasonably dry and warmer. Monday is scheduled for a damp start but Tuesday is looking very wet.


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