More Meters…

Although it wasn’t raining, I decided to have a little decadent loafing in bed until 05:15. The troops were reasonably organised so we were wandering across an extremely damp field beneath a star embedded sky with only a few small clouds. It was quite awe inspiring.

The sea was still crashing around at the end of the Promontory so we took a less demanding route inland avoiding the rocks. I had a suspicion Alonaki Beach would be bisected by the river which takes the water from the mountains and I wasn’t wrong. It might have been possible to make it past the river with some careful calculation and a load of luck, but I wasn’t up for more wet feet!

Only Skinny went to Plakaki and back although we were without his presence for a little while. He was probably distracted by some important business but met up with the rabble as we were walking back towards the camping. The dogs caught sight of Wolfgang who was dutifully picking up rubbish on Grammeno Beach. He is used to dogs as he was not phased by Isabella’s attentions. Only a few of them introduced themselves to him as they appeared more interested in exploring the beach.

The horrid tangle of nylon and plastic extracted from the beach by the Grammeno Beach Rubbish Technicians. And that’s not all of it. The remainder is in the bin!

We returned to the van minus Charlie who, it transpired, sloped off home via the camping entrance. My fault as I wasn’t watching him closely enough. I eventually let him in when I was preparing to go out on my bike as I’d forgotten all about him if the truth be known.

My ride was up to the top of the mountain and back where I passed Kostas going the other way in his 4×4. We met again just past the EKO filling station which was open as it is their turn this Sunday. I continued to the PAWS sanctuary where not only were the two females there but three puppies too. Two little girls and a boy. I’d forgotten biscuits but was rescued by a German guy who was walking and training one of the other rescues. He happened to be passing and told me the two new arrivals were from Panorama and had arrived on Saturday.

A mêlé of dogs

I continued back to Grammeno passing the large Mercedes which disturbed my Saturday evening, parked by the the Paleochora Road. I can’t say I was bothered as it was just something else for me to do and I couldn’t see the point in them staying at the camping as they’re self-sufficient. Why then came in the first place I know not. At least I didn’t have to waste my time showing them around!

I managed to feed the dogs however there were a couple of interruptions before I got to sit down. Keys for Tony, a stepladder for Kirsti and a call from Manolis saying he’d be coming around midday to deliver a consignment of diesel for the boiler. I managed to finish my breakfast when the phone rang with a German couple with their motorhome at reception. I walked up and showed them the camping. They decided on the spot in front of the kitchen and put their 7m motorhome there.

I’d not done anything about another electricity meter but considered the idea of using the other DIN rail meter in one of the boxes I made up first. One of the boxes now has two meters and serves Jochem and Frank who ware plugged into a socket at the bar. They can’t both take 16A but somehow, I think that’s unlikely. It seemed a shame to undo all my work but it got around a problem. I remembered Kirsti telling me their van has a meter so I’ve purloined their camping meter to give it to Anke. Now, everyone has a meter!

Much of the afternoon was taken up with this and other fiddling jobs but it was sunny and pleasant sitting in the warmth under the awning. I eventually went out to feed the cats and returned to discover I still had the Doggy Dinners to process. This I did and then fed them and myself. I’d received a huge food parcel from Martha containing lots of stuffed tomatoes, vine leaves and peppers. This was delivered by Manolis. I suspect the vegetables came from Martha’s garden so contain no pesticides or other chemistry.

Other than a couple of showers, the day has been mostly sunny and warm producing over 9kWh of PV and returning the battery to 60% charge. Hopefully, there will be some sun tomorrow afternoon as it would be good to get back to a full charge.

The morning will be wet and Tuesday is still going to be wet all day if nothing changes.

Tomorrow and Tuesday will be mostly wet!


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