Wot, No Rain?

I lingered in my pit in anticipation of the forecast rain but none appeared so we walked expecting at any moment to be deluged. There was some rain but it lasted a couple of minutes and was soon forgotten about. We were able to walk to Plakaki and back with just a trickle of a river to literally hop over.

There were mountainous clouds when we got back so I wasn’t in much of a rush to go out on my bike given the predicted rain and intensity. Instead, I took Isabella onto the beach with a frisbee to give us both a bit of a workout. I performed my other morning workouts then released the dogs and fed them.

I fed myself and settled down to enjoy the rain which turned into wonderful sunshine to the value of 6.71kWh. Not enough to bring the battery to anywhere near 100% as there were other cloudy intervals and periods which I was certain would provide some rain.

I played with my electrics and removed the Sonoff WiFi switch from the switch box as I felt it would be of more use in the camping. There followed a period of experimentation whilst I mounted and wired up the board in one of the waterproof electrical boxes purchased on Saturday. I wanted to reset the device so deleted it from my phone but was then unable to reinstall it. Lots of fiddling about ensued but at least the thing was reset and all the old data erased. I went into the camping to test it and swapped it out for the one Wolfgang was using as this was also having problems reconnecting to the WiFi for some reason. I wanted to read his meter anyway as he plans to leave tomorrow after his ten-day stay. Another staying ‘for a couple of nights’.

The new arrivals from yesterday needed the washing machine and paid for a month of camping at the same time. All of the customers are staying for a month or more at present. When Wolfgang and his missus leave, I understand they will be replaced by another couple who talked to me earlier. They have a large van and need to recharge their batteries so they say.

Tony reported there was no Internet coverage in his caravan so I got out my ladder to climb onto the roof of the reception block. The AP is suffering from the effects of the sun but the problem was at the switch end as yet another POE port on the Netgear switch has failed. Fortunately, there are still more ports than POE devices although there are now two dud POE ports. I shall have to invest in another switch or get a POW injector.

I put on the doggy rice then took Isabella onto the beach, this time with a ball and thrower. She was racing around after the ball and meeting the ladies who were out picking up rubbish soon to be joined by Wolfgang. He reported a large quantity of plastic pipe on a small beach on the east of the Promontory.

We came back and I sat down and fell asleep with the dogs waiting patiently for their supper. They have now had it and my stuffed tomatoes and vine leaves from Martha are heating up in the Pot with a pan of fakés. It could be windy tomorrow…

According to the forecast, there could be around 30mm rain during the night as well as a lot tomorrow. If it’s like the rain we’ve had today then bring it on!

A surprising high of 21.2ºC but then it has been mostly sunny for much of the day.
Puffed out and cooling down with her ball


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