Wot No Water!

As I was going to bed I noticed the water pressure had dropped considerably so, thinking ahead, I put some water for my tea in the kettle in case there was none the following morning. A good call!

Only Fido got me up in the night and had to be reminded to come back promptly. Had it have been raining, things might have been different. I got back to sleep to be woken by the sound of falling rain at different times during the night. Fortunately, it was all done and dusted so we went out around the usual time.

There was a large pond in the beach car park but that was all. Not a vehicle there or on the beach track. We hastened to the end of the Promontory and back, then on to Plakaki. The way was barred by the joint efforts of the river and the sea. At present, the sea is still trying to climb into bed with the river. There was still too much possibility of wet feet to entice me to continue and smaller dogs might be swept away so we turned back towards the Promontory. Skinny was absent as he’d discovered a dead lamb in the river so was otherwise engaged. He was to be found behind my chair (minus lamb) when we returned to the van.

The remainder continued to the end of the Promontory where we didn’t dally due to the possibility of further moisture from above. I spun out the walk by leaving them to mope around in the car park for several minutes before recrossing the field back to the van. Near enough for a quick bolt back to the van.

I fed the cats then took Isabella to the beach to chase the ball for a few minutes then returned to exercise my brain and then my bike. I fortunately didn’t continue to the top of the mountain contenting myself with the ascent to Panorama and down the other side to the EKO petrol station to drop off Martha’s Pyrex which was in my bag.

I chatted a while with Manolis then went to leave whereupon the heavens opened so I went back into his office. Various others were lurking under the awning which covers the entrance to provide shade in the summer and protection from the rain in winter. When the rain subsided, I continued on to Petrakis to get some bits for the doggy dinners and some fruit. The run back to Grammeno was against a northwesterly wind so required significant assistance from the motor.

The water was still off when I got back to the camping so wandered around to talk to the punters about alternative arrangements. I’d already contacted Antonis to ask if the outage affected Krios and Kountoura which it did. I eventually got back to release and feed the dogs and myself.

There were more showers during the day but it was mostly sunny and warm with the production of no less than 7.28kWh of electricity so the battery is the fullest it’s been for a few days. One more sunny spell and it will reach its maximum. Tomorrow’s not looking too bad but Friday and the weekend could end up quite damp.


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