With no wind it was a quiet night. Skinny got the fidgets so I let him and Isabella outside where they managed to remain calm and quiet. I lingered until the alarm went then dressed and went out. It was cool but most of the dogs were nearby so I was able to get them ready to leave fairly quickly.

There were stars and few clouds however it was still very dark until the sky started to lighten to the east. The beach to Plakaki was still blocked by the sea and the river so we turned back towards the Promontory. There was a car parked a little way down the track and a pickup appeared. What they were doing at 05:55 should probably remain unknown. A lot of that goes on around here.

There was no rain so we managed to get back to the van dry which was good. I packed the dogs into the van, made tea and also ground up some flax for the banana bread I intended to make later. Isabella and I went for some ball-throwing on the beach however she dumped the ball in the middle of a puddle so there it stayed.

I eventually got out on my bike and bumped into Antonis as he turned in front of me to go up to Panorama. He was going to the mountains above Skalvopoula where the non-existant early warning station doesn’t exist as his friend doesn’t work there. Antonis mentioned he’d decided not to work at the hotel next season as he wishes to spend more time with his family. I agreed it was a good idea.

I continued my ride and went back to the camping to take money from a customer, chat to another potential customer, deliver washing from the previous day and put on a load for Kirsti followed by another from the ladies. The last load was very full requiring several trips to the machine before it finished. The potential customer plans to cross from Githeo to Kissamos next week and stay with his wife and two small children. We’ve not had children so far this season.

The day was similar to yesterday with plenty of sunshine and almost no wind. I sat in the warmth and ordered myself a new computer monitor to replace the one in the van which will be used to keep an eye on the CCTV. I’m discovering that the writing is a lot smaller than it used to be. The new monitor, when it eventually arrives, will be physically larger, UHD and 4K. I can’t see myself replacing it for a very long time so it might as well have the latest features. I also ordered some new fleeces as my present ones are literally falling apart!

Warm and sunny with no rain. Friday is looking wet from the late morning and Saturday doesn’t seem to have a lot going for it either. At least it should be dry for the Early Walk. Next week is looking cooler and unsettled.
The red bit in Crete has gone amber and the general situation appears to be improving


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