They Come, They Go

Another warm night and early morning where a coat was not required for rain or cold. The lake in the beach car park had subsided sufficiently for me to recognise Isabella’s ball as we walked back later. There were no vehicles on or near the car park.

The walk was uneventful and shorter as the river is still crossing the beach and too wide for me to proceed without a foot wash. Some of the dogs went on as we turned back towards the Promontory where it was still very dark. There were some stars and some clouds however the weather forecast had assured me there would be no rain until later in the day.

I fed cats and made tea then took Isabella for a run on the beach which she decided to turn into another walk around the Promontory. She did plenty of ball-chasing which was the main thing and we made up for the shortened walk.

I performed my mental workouts then set off for Panorama on my bike. I didn’t intend going to the top as I left a little later than intended. Paleochora was looking like a seaside venu in the off-season so there were few people about. I went to see the PAWS dogs, the puppies were not there just the two females. The black dog was less timid than previously but the more recent one was all over me for attention and petting. I didn’t stay long as I wanted to get to Petrakis for some groceries. I passed Kirsti and Jorma heading to Lidl as I rode back to the camping.

I released and fed the dogs then received a call from Jochem to say that he wasn’t going to remain for his 30 days and would leave tomorrow so wanted to settle up. I gave him back some of his money and he decided to leave today. He says he’ll be back next winter. Hopefully with a fully operational power system.

There were some new arrivals. A family with two young children who have taken the place at right angles to the beach between the ladies and Georgia’s dogs. They have a lovely new van so I made some adjustments to the foliage so that it should remain so. They plan to stay for one week and it will be interesting to see if they are still around when the other young family arrives.

The day has been a succession of showers without too many sunny periods other than at first. This will be the trend for the next few days at least.

Cloudy to the east


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