Night Swimming

I watched a further episode of the interesting documentary on WW1. The story is told mostly from the land war side although there was a brief mention of the fiasco at Gallipoli and the Dardanelles which was a naval disaster. Underestimating the Turks was a bad move.

I went to my boudoir before ten but was asleep once my feet were warm. I woke up in the night feeling too warm! I needed to let Isabella out at some point but not Fido for a change. I can get back to sleep quickly most of the time. I lingered until five and then made a move.

Another warmer and mostly still morning except at the distal end of the Promontory. A man (pure speculation) was swimming off Alonáki Beach at 05:15. He had a very bright light and was presumably under water. We saw him still swimming a little later as we walked down towards Plakaki but he and his car were absent as we walked back around six.

It was getting light as we walked back to the van around 06:45

I made tea, fed the cats and took Isabella and her ball to look for Obi who’d decided to go walkabout along Grammeno Beach. This was confirmed by Georgia’s dogs setting up a chorus for our enjoyment. Obi appeared as soon as we emerged onto the beach and joined us for an additional walk. Isabella was a little distracted from her duty as keeper of the ball but had a good run anyway. Our parcours took in the rocks as they are perfectly capable of looking after themselves and it’s easy with only two dogs to keep tabs on during daylight.

I went for a run on my bike over Panorama returning to the camping via the PAWS dogs.

There were four brown/white and two black/white puppies in addition to the two mature females
Plenty of competition for the biscuits I was offering

I went back to Grammeno to find Kirsti and Jorma still levelling their van and I modified the nearby tree so that the branch no longer rubbed the roof above their bed.

I released and fed the dogs having rearranged the storeroom to more easily accommodate my bike. I put the Doggy Dinners on and then sat down myself. There was a little sunshine at this point.

A later received a message from yesterday’s arrivals requesting an audience with the washing machine. Nicolas appeared lugging a huge Ikea bag containing a very good load’s worth of washing. I said it might take ninety-minutes which turned out to be longer.

Maria called to tell me a courier would be at the Paleochora bus station in around fifteen minutes with a package to hand over. I’d paid €7 for the pleasure of delivery to the camping, not 5km away. I was less than impressed as I rode into town. I hope the company asks for feedback! The item was not my Mac Mini as that is held up due to a seamen’s strike, it was the replacement PSU for Dena’s computer. What joy! There was slight precipitation during the return to Grammeno which further enhanced my mood.

The washing machine still said it had over thirty-minutes to go so I returned to the van to check out the PSU. Lots of pretty, coloured cables.

Around forty-minutes later, I judged the washer to have completed and had only a few minutes to wait. There were plenty of pussies to keep me company as they’d decided it was teatime long ago. I lumbered over with the big Ikea bag and made suggestions as to where the washing might be hung.

Following a brief repose, I set about processing the Doggy Dinners and putting on the rice for later. I also fed the cats and have only Isabella to take to the beach to chase her ball and the dogs to fee. The sea is agitated again as the southerly wind has strengthened a little. It’s loud enough from here so it must be considerably louder nearer the beach.

A couple of light showers and some sunshine later. Tomorrow is forecast to be damper.


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