Night Swimming II

Rain fell a couple of times during the night as well as nearly 6mm before midnight. We were not without a little light precipitation during the early walk which was a little later even though Fido wanted to pee at 04:30. I seemed to be less than enthusiastic about getting out of my pit as it was cooler. Signs of things to come later in the week.

The Night Swimmer was back again but left as we wandered up to Plakaki. The river and the sea have obviously fallen out as the river mouth is completely blocked off. We were able to easily walk to Plakaki however the sea has thrown back the pebbles and shingle it so helpfully washed away. It was so much easier walking over the sand. Skinny and Isabella had the flashing collars today however I’d already given the larger of the two to Skinny so the other was a bit of a tight fit on Isabella. The only transgression on her part was to disappear into a garden at Plakaki but I called her back with my little electronic friend.

I’d left the doggy towels in with the cats to dry in the storeroom so needed to run the gauntlet of a band of starving cats in order to dry the dogs. The dogs were posted into the van, the cats fed, tea made and then a further Isabella walk around the Promontory. The day was brightening up but there were still towering clouds over the mountains.

I completed my brain training and then went almost to the top of the mountain and then to Petrakis via Paleochora. I picked up some vegetables for the Doggy Dinners tomorrow as well as a cauliflower and some tomatoes. A pity about the tomatoes as Dena brought me loads of vegetables to pay for her computer repair. I never ask for money as their veg is all bio and I get loads which would cost me a fortune in the supermarket.

I released and fed the dogs but had to make three attempts at starting my breakfast due to a number of interruptions: Kirsti asking to take Isabella for a walk later, Nicolas telling me he had no electricity and Anke for the washing machine. The electricity was simply a matter of wandering to the main bathrooms and flicking a switch and the washing machine load was the result of an unexpected pussy incident. Exploding cat in the middle of Anke’s bed. It’s only a kitten.

I eventually ate breakfast then walked over to put another cover and trim the branches near the light which had caused the breaker to trip. The breaker only trips at night when the lights come on. The old cover was broken during the last strong wind when a branch swiped it from the top of the lamp standard.

There was a ticket from ELTA for me. An item from China with €2.50 to pay. It must be duty as the VAT is supposedly collected and paid by the Chinese. The Czechs are leaving tomorrow so I took their money which was far less than they were expecting. I mentioned that I’d put them on the monthly rate as this worked out significantly cheaper. After all, they’d donated €50 in cat food. They tell me it’s -3ºC in The Czech Republic and there’s lots of snow. Apparently, they will be taking one of their granddaughters skiing in France. The other refuses to get vaccinated so cannot participate.

I handed out a full gas bottle to Karl who has an adaptor. He used to work in China so is a very interesting chap to talk to about his Chinese experiences. It’s catching as now, Nicolas has asked for a gas bottle too. I planned to swipe (borrow) an empty one from the store but both Tony and Georgia are about so that might not be such a cunning plan. I often switch the bottles round and lend them to the punters so I get to use up all the leftover gas!

Kirsti took Isabella for a walk and Isabella was very subdued when she returned. Kirsti had been teaching her Finnish. I eventually got Anke’s washing to spin. As it was bedding and towels the machine had refused it spin it as one load. I divided it and put it to spin separately.

Dena arrived to pick up her PC and to drop me a huge bag of vegetables. She promises to bring more at the weekend. It’s a pity I bought tomatoes this morning. These are so much nicer.

The Doggy rice is cooked so I’d better feed the dogs.

There was a further 6mm rain last night as well as what is recorded here so it was somewhat damp today.


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