A bit of a crazy day

I should have got up earlier had I have known how the day would turn out. The morning was cool but the sky was clear and only a few fine raindrops blew over the mountain although more serious rain had fallen during the night. We completed our walk, which also took in the the rocks in both directions. By the time I’d coaxed all the dogs into the van, time was moving on. The cats had yet to be fed and I wanted to get my bedding and clothes into the washing machine.

I made time to brew some tea before taking Isabella for another walk around the Promontory. Some dastardly black clouds were circling overhead so we didn’t hang around. I exercised my brain, drank my tea then set off for my morning ride over Panorama and around Paleochora. I stopped at the post office to pick up Heidi’s pet passport which Ursula posted weeks ago and has been on holiday in the customs halls in Athens. It didn’t appear to have much of a tan.

My washing was ready so I put in a load for Kirsti and hung mine up. The dogs came rushing out for their breakfast then I put together the Doggy Dinners and ground some flax seeds for Banana Bread. I have some for tomorrow but it’s likely to be overcast so I baked a new lot today as it was sunny.

The Czechs left and headed for Iraklion. I fear they may have been caught up in the ferry strike as I received a message earlier from the family which is coming from Githion to Kissamos. They are hoping to get on another crossing tomorrow.

Kirsti took Isabella for another walk and was handing her back to me when a couple who left 11 November returned with another couple. They have seen that the weather will be more unpredictable so have come to Grammeno knowing there is the Common Room. As I was showing the site to their friends, Wolfgang called to ask if he could bring another five couples in their vans over Christmas. It’s looking like Christmas could be busy. Quite where I’m going to put these vans if they materialise, I don’t know.

I’d just sorted the two arrivals when Georgia called to say someone else would arrive shortly. A chap from Slovenia arrived soon after and is in one of the bays by the entrance. I might move him along so that the Christmas crowd can occupy that area.

Then there was the matter of the empty gas tank in the kitchen with a queue of punters waiting to cook their dinners. There were two full spares in the workshop but I gave one away to Nicolas so will order a refill and another cylinder tomorrow from Petrakis. They deliver quickly.

The ACS courier came with a package for Frank and one for Luca but not a Mac Mini for me. Something to do with the ferry strike holding up the couriers. Lucky there are no aeroplanes flying to Crete…

The dogs were finally fed once I finished processing the Doggy Dinners and put on the Doggy rice. Not forgetting feeding the multitude of cats. At least my washing is dry although still left in a heap and my bed unmade! All this washing and bed-changing is highly overrated! Perhaps tomorrow will be calmer…

A cool start but a reasonably warm day with no wind. I understand some of the punters went swimming but 10 minutes was enough even for the hardy Germans


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