Life’s A Gas!

It was cold and dark when the alarm went off. I’d already been up as Fido needed to pee at 02:58 then so did I – I remember the time. I didn’t get up until 05:15 and spent my time psyching myself up for the ordeal.

Once dressed and outside things went fairly well and I was able to get the dogs ready and out reasonably quickly. There was a wonderfully clear sky punctured with a variety of stars and hardly a cloud. A great morning to be out once you get over the getting out of bed at 05:15 bit! We walked to the end of the Promontory and over the rocks after some biscuits of course.

We were doing quite well on Alonáki until we came to the river which was rushing to the sea as they’d perhaps settled their differences to join forces once more. Little rain fell at Grammeno yesterday but a fair amount fell in the mountains, hence the water rushing down to the sea.

Our walk was a little short on distance so we wandered the Promontory a little so that the dogs didn’t feel short-changed. We recrossed the rocks and did a couple of circuits more before returning to the van where the dogs were eager to get back inside for some reason.

I fed the cats, entertained my brain after some tea before taking Isabella out to help me clean the Big Beach on the Promontory. Isabella watched calmly from a mountain of kelp as I gathered up rubbish into a sack I’d found on the foreshore. We continued on and back to the field when the Refuse Disposal Technicians sped down the road towards the Beach Car Park. We retraced our steps and spectated whilst the dumpsters were emptied. I asked about the four mattresses and the mound of polythene but they replied that another team of specialists would be alerted and summoned to deal with it. They sped off having entertained Isabella.

We headed back towards the van then Isabella, whilst rummaging in the bushes, gave chase to a black object, presumably a cat. She had here collar on and I had the remote so she returned quite promptly as I increased the persuasion level. Next to appear were Siiri and Jorma on their walk around the block. Siiri finds Isabella overwhelming so I have to slow Isabella down a little for Siiri’s sake. Jorma deals with Isabella but I called her back to me anyway. We lost the ball and I’m not sure we have anymore… The bag of used tennis balls I purchased in the time of Boris, back in 2014 probably, has run out.

I left the dogs out once I’d fed them to go to Petrakis to buy gas and a few groceries for myself. I ordered three bottles for delivery to the camping. Two of which were to replace once filched from the workshop to give to customers. The third was for the ladies. I rode back to the camping and had my breakfast and a cup of tea. I even managed to find time to sit in the sun for a few moments. The inverter was huffing away as the battery was nearly full. I heated with gas last night and should have used electricity as I had plenty of it.

I wanted to get the access point I removed from the bar up onto the main bathroom to serve the Common Room as well as the motorhome parking bays which will doubtless be in use over the Christmas period if all the vans turn up. I had to suspend operations as the Slovenian guy wanted to pay in case he didn’t return. I hadn’t even made up a sheet for him which I did as we chatted. He planned to return but said he might get a better offer.

Then the Petrakis pickup delivered the gas so I came down again from the rood to them and to give one of the bottes to the ladies. They asked if I’d help them to install it using the adaptor they said they had. My previous experience told me that #2 adaptor would be required but they had only #4 of the set. I then got into taking their connection hose off so they could purchase the necessary parts from the nice man I visited recently. Time marched on, the sun moved round and the wind got colder. Fortunately, my cable connections were good so I was able to mount the AP and get on with other things. I discovered the two APs at reception were offline for some reason. I restarted the switch and moved one of the cables to a different port. I think that POE switch is also dying.

Bona made a nice job cleaning the Common Room on Georgia’s instructions and left it locked as the floor was wet. The customers were likely to wish to go in there so I carefully unlocked the door and slid in together with the large mat I purloined from outside the reception. Frank came to offer assistance but one of the cats which had followed me over slid in with him. I didn’t want to leave the cat captive inside so Frank chased her round as she hid under each inaccessible piece of furniture after another. Eventually, we managed to persuade her to leave and the floor remained clean.

The dogs are now fed and my food is in the pot so needs putting in a bowl and eating.

Today has been sunny so much warmer even though there is a chilly northerly wind. The sun makes all the difference.

Sunny so reasonably warm. More unsettled weather to follow especially over the weekend.


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