There was a little rain upon the roof above my head as I lay under my duvet. The first time this season I’ve resorted to the duvet. After a couple of fleecy blankets, it’s like laying under a heavy weight but feels so warm!

There were a couple of false starts when I was unsure if the rain was stopping so we were a little late going out. It was calm but chilly. There were stars but it was also cloudy. Other than a few drops dragged over the mountain in the air, there was no precipitation during the walk.

We walked several times over the rocks as a small compensation for the river preventing us to walk to Plakaki dry-shod. I took the dogs back to the van, made tea, fed the cats then took Isabella for another walk. Charlie motivated himself to tag along but I’m convinced he lives in a parallel universe as he’s such a daydream. He might have regretted his choice to join Isabella for another walk as he became the sole focus of her attentions. We met Siiri and Jorma but Isabella was a little calmer as it was after some nearly 7km by then. Even she was beginning to slow down ever so slightly.

I went off to Petrakis via Panorama as I needed something else for the Doggy Dinners. Naturally, I seem to have come away with many more items than intended.

I released and fed the dogs and made up the Doggy Dinners before making some breakfast for me. The day was looking brighter which explains why the first of the washing machine loads materialised. The first was from Birgit who arrived a couple of days ago. She had a good load to go in. The next was from Nicolas, their second during their stay. Lots of kiddy clothes surprisingly. He thrust €300 into my hand and announced they’d be staying a month.

I did manage to fit in my tea and breakfast during the washes but thing became more exciting when Florian arrived having managed to get across from Githion to Kissamos. Their’s was the next load to go in but there was so much they divided it in two which was a good idea. They are down by the sliding gate and wanted to park on the approach to T3 and the small cabins but I wouldn’t let them.

Georgia appeared soon after and suggested they go there too. She’s the boss so that’s where they are. She was quite diplomatic for a change. I’m pretty sure that if I’d have put their van in that position she would have had something to say. The perks of being the boss I suppose.

A courier met me outside the customer kitchen and tried to give me a package until I read the label and sent him to Paleochora Camping. Very soon after, Maria warned me of the impending arrival of ACS which a package for me as well as another for Luca. The one was my Mac Mini which I’ve managed to partially set up.

I expected that there would be no more washes after the fourth one but a call from Juergen put paid to that theory as I said he could come. He unfortunately suffers from a horrible, painful and debilitating illness so he has more off than on days and today was an on day.

I’d managed to put the Doggy Rice into the Pot but hadn’t got far with the Doggy Dinner processing so left Juergen in the Common Room whilst I fed the mutts having finished the processing. I did just enough to feed them and processed the remainder later. I should have done it all before and not chanced it until later.

Juergen left to go back to his abode just the other side of Spaniakos and I got on with preparing food for myself.

It wasn’t long before I received a call from Karl about his electricity but I think the fault was somewhere in his cables as I could see from his app that he was reconnected.

It’s been a busy day and I’ve covered 11.29km, half of that just walking around the camping. Lots of washing which is hopefully dry as tomorrow is threatening to be wet with a predicted 10mm+ rainfall throughout the day. It will also be cooler and windy too!

After a gloomy start the day turned out warm and sunny with a great deal of washing to dry

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