Found Them!

Crete is now uniformly amber but everywhere else, other than a few islands, looks uniformly reddish.
And Gavdos is GREEN!

The evening started and ended cold and wet with plenty of rain, wind, cold and thunder. Skinny particularly likes the thunder. The storm caused the electricity to go on and off as did the WiFi which was a bit of a nuisance. By midnight, nearly 24mm of rain had fallen with only 2.3mm at 18:00. I wasn’t sad to get to bed but my last trip to the loo was a little on the chilly side.

The weather continued through the night and Fido was so keen to gain firsthand experience, he allowed me to get out of bed to get him go see at some immoral hour of the morning. The wind was still very strong and rain was still falling when the alarm sounded so the day was postponed pending more favourable weather.

It was 06:45 when we hit the field. I didn’t bother with flashing lights as it would soon be daylight. An Italian camper stood surrounded by water in the beach car park. We continued on by for a trip or two around the Promontory. We were joined by light rain blown over the mountain by the strong, cold northerly wind. I moved the dogs from one sheltered location to the next. Not for them but for me!

We were out for around 50 minutes without venturing as far as Alonáki Beach and definitely not Plakaki as the wind was so strong as to blow you backwards. The dogs had had enough especially Skinny as he’d already disappeared to be found in the comparative warmth of the awning area. I’d closed the van door to retain any heat.

I made some tea and fed the cats before taking Isabella out for a second Promontory walk. She was still brimming with energy when we returned so I needed to scrub some of that off. She was on her own today as the others had elected to remain behind. We completed another trip round and took in the rocks which was quite exciting due to the strength of the wind.

I toured the camping to check for damage and to assess the service situation. There was no electricity in Paleochora as I could make out only a few lights when we crossed the field earlier. There was no Internet and the boiler had gone out – surprise, surprise! The electricity came back around 08:30 so I went to the office to start up the UPS and get everything going. The boiler I dealt with on the return trip. I then went to feed the dogs and myself.

I went out once more to see that the punters had electricity and WiFi then pretty much left them to it for the remainder of the day. I spent my time getting my Mac Mini operational so that I can use it as my media device. The one snag was the USB 5.1 surround sound device. Having installed the latest version of OSX, this was definitely not going to work. Window and Linus maybe but OSX is too security conscious. I eventually got around the problem by moving the MM down to the shelf and plugging in only the two front speakers until I find another suitable USB sound device.

Whilst rooting around in the storeroom looking for speakers, I discovered the plastic bag contain four used tennis balls from the Boris era. Later, I took Isabella out onto the beach so that she could show off her running and fetching skills to a couple of the punters.

Right now, we’re all, bar Obi in the van in front of the fan heater which is gradually raising the temperature form 11ºC to something more survivable.

It has been cold, wet and very windy all day as reflected by the temperatures. Fine rain has blown over the mountain with varying degrees of intensity for most of the day. Generally pretty miserable and very unMediterranian. The straight lines on the graph indicate when the electricity went off and came back.


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