The wind had stopped and so had the rain as we set off for our early walk. I was still wearing loads of layers and was glad of them as it was still chilly. It was easy as there was moonlight as we walked towards the rocks. The occasional cloud poked its nose in front of the moon which was inconvenient at times.

The river was still flowing noisy and quickly so we turned back and joined the road for the walk back. After another circuit we headed to the camping, I fed the cats and I took Isabella, her ball and Charlie out for another walk. It was light by this time and the day was beginning to brighten up. We did the rocks again, Isabella occasionally ran madly after her ball and Charlie wandered around as he does.

I took my bike to the top of the mountain to make up for the lack of exercise the previous day. It was warm with only a slight breeze. The view out over the sea from the top of the mountain was stunning as I rode back down and through Paleochora to Petrakis.

I had a number of tasks ahead of me. Doggy Dinners, banana bread, some camping admin and the Slovenian customer was checking out. Then there were all of the usual checks on customers, the boiler and the mail although the postman actually came to me as there was a package to deliver.

The day became quite warm so it’s possible I might have drifted off at some point. Despite planning to stay ahead, things didn’t work out quite as expected as time simply trickled away.

I took Isabella and her ball to the beach later, once the banana bread and DDs were done. An unexpected call from a prospective customer delayed food. A couple recently arrived on Crete with two small dogs planning to stay a couple of nights.

Today is the first anniversary. It seems only a short time ago…


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