I was about to put my feet on the floor when the rain began. Saved by the rain. In retrospect 20:20 vision and all that, I could have got the dogs ready during the rain so we would have been able to get out earlier. It was well past six when we did get out to a mostly moonlit Promontory. The clouds were playing their tricks again so I needed my torch occasionally.

We didn’t make it to Plakaki due to the river still running wide and fast across the beach. Maybe in the morning…

We went on a final circuit and then back to feed the cats before a second walk with Isabella and Charlie tagging along. The day was looking more sensible by now.

I sat and exercised my brain then discovered an online store where I could get a data SIM for my phone. This would save the ladies traipsing around Chania to Germanos which I’m told is the best bet. The online store was Germanos however their e-shop representative who answered my email failed to mention it.

I fed the dogs the went into Paleochora to get a dental appointment. The nurse/receptionist apologetically offered me 14:00 on Thursday but I was expecting something in the New Year! Next to The Local PetShop to buy cat food. The place was deserted, even Heike’s dog had gone walkabout. The cat kept me amused until Heike appeared.

I picked up 20kg of pussy fodder and chewed the fat with Heike for a while. I popped in to see the dogs by the harbour and found only one.

She must have been having a mad moment as she greeted my like a long lost friend. We had a love-in for a couple of minutes and then my audience was over! Maybe if I’d had some biscuits. There was always cat food on the bike.

I rode back to Grammeno, decanted the food and went for something to eat myself.

The WiFi at the office had gone AWOL so I went to have words with it. I ended up taking the AP down and reprogramming it. Kirsti took Isabella out then dropped her off to me at the reception where I was still playing.

Wolfgang had already arrived and their friends arrived later in the afternoon. Not much effort required on my part as Wolfgang has been before and the others are friends. The camping was a little deserted as lots of people benefitted from the sunny weather by going out. I later heard from the Schmidts that their Greek gas bottle was empty due to a leak. I suggested he check for leaks when he installed it… I’ll get some more gas in the morning.

It had been such a lovely day I felt moved to have a hot shower to use up some of that hot water. The battery was charged up quite early on despite having the fan heater running the previous evening as well as the oven for the banana bread and the Instant Pot too.

After some 0.25mm rain this morning, the day was sunny and warm with almost uninterrupted blue sky. Tomorrow will be a little cloudier but still warm

Despite ejecting a rodent a couple of days ago, there is still rodent activity in the van. The dogs are now bored by rodents and don’t even bother to go after them or even notice them!

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