Another Sunny Day

I slumbered on to 05:15 but must do better tomorrow morning as there’s a lot going on.

The morning was cooler than the day before but there was little wind which has moved around to the west/northwest. The sea was calm so crossing the rocks was easy enough although I needed a torch to make reasonable progress as there was light cloud obscuring the moon periodically.

We tried to go up the beach to Plakaki but only dogs with no shoes and socks could cross. I could see, even in the darkness, how much the beach had been scoured away by the water flooding down from the mountain. I made sure of standing well away from the edge as it may well have simply collapsed chucking me into the river. Not so much cold feet but certainly very wet and cold. We took one more trip around the Promontory then back to the van.

I made tea, fed the cats and extracted Charlie from inside the camping as he’d decided to go walkabout which caused Georgia’s dogs to bark. He and I took Isabella out for another walk and some ball-throwing where we met Wolfgang out collecting litter. Isabella wasted no time in reintroducing herself to Wolfgang who has experience with dogs. We assisted for a few moments and then continued on over the rocks and back to the camping. Isabella became distracted so we managed to return without the ball.

I Elevated and meditated my brain before taking my bike for a trip to the top of the mountain considering it was such a wonderful day. From there to the port dogs of which there was only the same female as yesterday. She was less enthusiastic but we managed to munch some biscuits whereupon I continued to Petrakis which I bought gas and some groceries whilst I was there.

It was somewhat later when I made it back to the camping as our later departure for the walk put everything back. By this time the sky had cleared and the German group in front of the kitchen were preparing their breakfast.

I let the dogs out, fed them and myself. It was extremely pleasant sitting in the warm sunshine and I even unzipped a window it was so warm. The ceiling fan comes on each day more to keep away the flies but it was stirring the air nicely.

I excited myself with a few small jobs. Getting the gas bottle for exchange, replenishing Isabella’s food containers and swapping over the connector for the hose attached to the new tap installed. It now has a quick release connector which will be handy for Jorma and Kirsti as they fill up their water from there so have to keep removing and replacing the adaptor.

A phone call took me back to the barrier where the couple who called on Monday evening were waiting in their car. I gave them the tour of the facilities and they chose T1 for €20/night plus heating which I felt was very reasonable. Assuming the electricity meter is still actually turning… Otherwise, I’ll just make something up! One of the ladies is from Luxembourg, the other from Spain. They speak good English and spend half the year in Berlin. I suggested they might do Anydroi with their little dogs.

Petrakis delivered two more gas bottles, one for Niclas and the other as spare. I still owe an empty bottle to Frank. We swapped over Niclas’ cylinder and tested for leaks.

I thought I’d fire up the 8MP camera I bought a couple of months ago and will try out as the reception camera to see how clear it is. Georgia wants me to change the bar cameras in the New Year for higher resolution ones. I set the camera up on the reception switch and have left it on the desk pointing out towards the barrier. I’ll probably swap it for the 3MP one tomorrow as it’s compatible with the NVR software.

I chatted briefly to Anna’s sister who has secured a job in a bar in the New Year. Others were preparing their evening meals so I went back to do the same.

The day was wonderfully sunny and warm with only light cloud so plenty of beneficial rays. It may not be quite so clear tomorrow as there’s a 50% possibility of 0.5mm according to the present forecast. Hopefully, it wont rain when I go for my dental appointment at 14:00.

The first washing machine load is at 07:30 and the second at 09:00 or there abouts. Time for me to pop into Petrakis for some more ingredients for the Doggy Dinners which I should have picked up this morning. Silly Me!

I amused myself with We Dive At Dawn from BritBox as well as another episode from the Likely Lads and one from As Time Goes By. There are twenty punters on site tonight.

A cool start but sunny and warm all day with only light cloud

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