Winter Record

There was no hanging around in bed this morning as there were things to do so I extracted myself and prepared the dogs for their walk. The first washing machine was scheduled for 07:30 with another at 09:00. I needed to get into Paleochora to buy stuff for the Doggy Dinners too.

A rather confused person was sitting in their car next to the beach at around 05:05 suddenly to find themselves surrounded by flashing dogs. We continued and saw the car leave at 06:05 as we walked back from Plakaki. The only one with dry feet was me as I managed to jump across a narrow part of the river. I noticed the sea had heaved a huge bank of sizeable stones up high on the beach mostly next to the rocky promontory where the Plakaki Hotel stands. After another circuit of the Promontory, we returned to the camping to feed the cats before taking Isabella and her minder for another jaunt.

We were back before 07:30 so wandered over to the washing machine followed by the usual posse of pussies. The load went in so I went in to Petrakis on my bike. It was not particularly inspiring as I cycled along under a grey and unMediterranean sky. I didn’t waste time so was back at the camping well before the wash was ready. I used the time to oil my bike chain and pump up the bike tyres. The 09:00 load was not ready so I went back to feed the dogs and prepare the Doggy Dinners as I suspected I might have little time later.

Back to the machine then breakfast for me and a chance to sit down for a while. The DDs needed processing so I got on with that to save time later.

I arranged with Sabine, one of the German customers who speaks good English, to deal with any arrivals during my absence then set off for the dentist arriving in good time for my appointment. As it happened, the tooth doctor was running late by some ten minutes so I lurked in the waiting area in a socially-distanced state of solitude wearing my KN95 mask. He x-rayed my jaw and decided I needed the root filled and a crown as there wasn’t enough tooth left to fill reliably. He got on with the job and I was soon out and on my way back with another appointment one week later. The price? €400 which I thought good value considering I was paying £850 for a crown back in 2014.

There had been two arrivals in my absence. An older couple and another 4×4 pop-up tent job all from Switzerland. Sabine had parked them and given them a briefing. I just needed to photo their ID and get a phone number.

The Doggy Rice was my next task before another arrival from the same group, a couple with a young dog who are now installed replacing the Czechs on the road below the kitchen. The doggies eventually got to eat their dinners, I made some for myself and we retired within. My tooth was beginning to wake up and my jaw knew where the 20m hypodermic pinned my neck to the dentist’s chair.

I need to get to the post office tomorrow morning to pick up the new meters. Then a visit to the electrician for boxes, cable and plugs.

There was a Croatian who called earlier threatening to come for three months. Georgia was in the camping for Alex’s birthday cake event and seemed happy with the number of vehicles scattered all around. She says she’d off on holiday to friends in Athens in the New Year and needs to go for a medical checkup from one of her doctor friends

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