One Slightly Wet Foot

I was determined to get a good grip on the day so was out of my bed just after Five. Not quite as early as I would have wished but good enough. We walked across a chilly field and onto the beach under a moonlit sky which managed to follow us for most of the walk.

I walked briskly to the rocks which I managed to cross assisted only by the moonlight and a couple of dogs as pathfinders. The walk to Plakaki was equally brisk avoiding the pitfall of disappearing into the river which still runs towards, but now also along the beach pushed back by the waves. I abandoned the lower parts of the river and crossed in the narrower, shallower and muddier areas further up. Luis just went for it and paddled across. Considering the length of his legs, he still manages to keep up.

The remainder of the walk other than my foot accidentally stroking the water as I recrossed the river, was uneventful and we were back at the van in darkness. I fed cats and made tea then Isabella and I went for another trot around the Promontory to try to take the edge off her energy.

I managed to find time for my brain before riding off into Paleochora to the post office. I wanted to pick up the circuit boards for the electricity meters which I could have collected the day before if I’d thought. I went to the electrician for some other bits and some waterproof boxes then around to the PAWS area where I was mobbed by a horde of puppies and a crazy black Staffie cross. From not coming near me she’s now all over me! I’d expect the puppies to behave that way though. I returned to the camping via the ACS office as I hoped to pick up my new sound card. There were a couple ahead of me in the queue even though it was not long since the office opened. I enquired if there were any parcels for Grammeno to be shown a stack of massive boxes. I pointed out that I was on a bike so they assured me the items would be delivered to the camping later. I was unsure as to which customer the boxes were destined as they were addressed only to Grammeno Camping. I already had the package from the post office, another package for a customer and the stuff purchased at the electrician.

Once back, I dropped the other package to the ladies then went back to release and feed the dogs. After some breakfast the aim was to make up the wireless electricity meters. Some chance.

Kirsti came to give me some Happy Christmas fingerless gloves, a towel and some treats for the dogs. The towel was in response to my threat to have a shower on Christmas Day whether I needed it or not.

I was about to start the first meter when Georgia called to ask if I’d accompany her to distribute traditional Cretan Christmas cakes to the punters. Things are a little full in the camping at present as there are now 16 motorhomes and vans in the camping. Some were out and I went back to those later but we did our Santa bit and the punters appeared grateful.

Another van arrived and I settled them in. The courier turned up and delivered the large boxes to the storeroom. I took them to Florian’s wife as he was in the shower. The packages had been sent from Germany and managed to arrived before Christmas.

Another attempt to start the first meter. Another arrival a large VW 4×4 ex German fire brigade. In the meantime, the nice lady from across the road had lumbered the newest arrivals with a puppy she no longer wished to keep. They already have a dog but were coerced into accepting this puppy as they were unhappy with the way it was being housed. I contacted Heike and later, the puppy went to join the lively gang down at the port. Onc more for me to see in the morning.

Another courier arrived with packages for the other young family. One heavy one which I left at reception for Niclas to fetch as he’s young and strong. Florian received another item, a game boy copy from back in the Ice Age.

I was losing the will to make electricity meters as it was coming up to time to get the doggy rice on. There were a number of other distractions too trivial to recall but the upshot was that I didn’t stop walking around the camping for one reason or another.

Kirsti came and took Isabella for a walk whist I moved on with the doggy food and I think there was only one more wander to deliver some printed papers to Wolfgang. A very busy day. I also gave €2,000 from the kitty as Georgia had no money to pay Bona, Tony and the others. I belive she’d not paid them recently…

I was glad to see the back of the day!

After a dull and chilly start, the day turned sunny and reasonably warm. Enough to encourage people to go into the sea! But not me. I was too busy anyway.


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