Meters And Washing

I was up just after five so we were out and back again just before dawn. There was a soft moonlight filtering through the thin layer of clouds so no additional assistance was required.

The river has stopped flowing so merely a matter of not falling into any remaining water or mud. The dogs are less particular and seek out smelly, muddy bits if possible. There wasn’t a lot going on at Plakaki although I saw lights. The beach at Azzuro was deserted. Even the remaining chair and umbrellas have disappeared or been washed away.

I took Isabella out after I’d made tea and fed the multitude of clamouring cats. There was time to Elevate my brain and then a trip to the top of the mountain. I stopped off at EKO to wish Manolis Mary Christmas. He was on his own and said the station would be open all day except at lunchtime. A customer arrived as I left.

I stopped off at the PAWS puppies and was gently mobbed. Antonis Petrakis was heading towards the supermarket on his electric scooter. We sped silently past each other exchanging Χρόνια Πολλά as we passed. My bike makes more noise due to the knobbly tyres on the road.

Kirsti was annoyed at being kept awake by their neighbours chatting until very late. Why they didn’t chat in the Common Room I have no idea.

I fed the dogs and myself then decided to get on with the wireless electricity meter construction project. This was interrupted by the first of four loads of washing. The punters wanted to make the most of the fair weather.

There were a few seasonal greetings but between the laundry and the meters, the day sped by and there was little time for much else. Fortunately, Kirsti took Isabella out with Siiri who permitted Isabella to play together on the beach. I understand it went very well which was encouraging as Isabella has no concept of her own size and weight so can be rather heavy-handed.

On one visit to the laundry I put a CCTV camera I had lurking about on top of the ice machine facing the washing machine so that I could see when the washed finished saving wasted trips.

I completed four wireless meters and three are now recording electricity consumption. I have one more to build which I plan to do tomorrow since I have all the kit out. I’m just short of one socket which I’ll cannibalise from something else.

I unpacked my sound card which is now attached to the Mac Mini. The speakers are not correctly configured as I swapped the cables around for the previous card. The dogs were settled on the seats so I didn’t want to disturb them as they were in and quiet after their evening meal.

The CoVID map of Greece has been updated and published. Chania and Rethymno have moved back to red and there seems to be a general redness throughout the country. I suspect Greece is heading towards yet another lockdown in the New Year. I didn’t believe it when the government announced there would be no more lockdowns.

The weather was sunny and warm so I was rash and even opened the window as I worked away in my meter factory.

Chania and Rethymno are back to red but at least Gavdos is still green! I expect Greece is headed towards yet another lockdown at the beginning of January. Paying for all the Seasonal Celebrations I expect.


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