The weather turned warmer in the night as I woke up all hot and perspirational. The story hadn’t changed as we walked down the Promontory as I was hat and even coatless. The moonlight filtered through a thin layer of cloud to provide an eerie atmosphere.

Skinny disappeared as his flashing collar needed a recharge. Cloaked invisibly, he took his opportunity to roll is something totally disgusting thus becoming a Smelly Fish Dog First Class! He was not my number one favourite animal.

Only a little water remains where the river crossed the beach. Looking upstream from the road bridge it’s totally dry. We were back at a sensible time so I fed the cats before taking Isabella, Charlie and SFD for a second walk. I would deal with SFD when it was light enough to see his fishyness.

Baby wipes are quite handy for a number of purposes including removing the fishyness from Skinny. He is almost odourless as he lies next to me on the bench seat.

I cycled to the top of the mountain and then to the PAWS lot and Petrakis. A Belgian woman I’d seen with her partner at the pet shop asked if I’d seen the dog they were with on that occasion. She explained they’d left the dog when they left Paleochora but discovered they’d made a mistake so had returned to collect her. They were scouring the neighbourhood to try to find her. I did a search of the town by bike but didn’t find her. I’ll keep my eyes open.

I thought there wouldn’t be any more washing machines today but one slipped in at 11:00. By comparison to the four yesterday, it was a doddle.

I reconfigured my speakers and wired them the correct way around. I used the opportunity to excavate the van removing the seat cushions in the process. A horrid job but the place is less hairy and disgusting than before: for about five seconds…

One of the Swiss contingent announced they’d be leaving tomorrow so I went to collect the money. The three neighbours, including Wolfgang also paid up and will leave tomorrow as well. Wolfgang had planned to take out a couple of years to travel down through South America but CoVID has rather put paid to that idea. I printed off a job offer the other night and he tells me he’s going back to Germany to work for a couple of years then have another shot at the South American trip. I expect the other three in that group will leave tomorrow so am pleased to have processed four of the seven.

I didn’t do much else other than be nice to the punters, feed the cats and process the DDs for later. It’s not late but I’m feeling tired so will soon retire to my boudoir.

Warm and sunny like the previous few days but milder first thing.


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