Finnish Colony

It dawned on me as I collected my thoughts that I’d arranged the first washing machine load at 07:30. If I was to walk all the dogs and then take Isabella and AN other after and still be back before 07:30, I’d better get my act together. Further reflection recalled that at least four punters would be leaving and that there could also be others.

The first walk was reasonably uneventful other than Isabella got too heavy-handed with Obi and required a severe telling off. We walked down to Plakaki and it was still dark when I took Charlie, as Isabella’s escort, for the second walk. Not that she took a blind bit of interest in Charlie to his undoubted relief I’m sure.

The washing went in and I left for the post office. I wanted to get there early to avoid having to wait. I picked up a box from Germanos which contained just a SIM card. The iPhone takes a nano SIM which is about the size of my little finger nail so the box was ridiculously massive for an item which could easily have gone in a very small envelope. The SIM is now installed in my phone so hopefully I shall remain connected even away from WiFi.

I went to the PAWS dogs where only the Staffi female was present. I saw the puppies in the distance but they were on another mission. She was just as potty as ever and guzzled down the biscuits offered her. I returned to the camping via Panorama but the other way around the circuit.

The washing had not finished as it was a large load so I wandered the punters to see if others were likely to be leaving. As suspected, the remainder of the Swiss group left so I was glad not to have to take all the money at once. One couple said they might come back depending on CoVID arrangements in the New Year.

I went back, fed the dogs and then made banana bread before getting myself a cup of tea and something to eat. I was finally able to relax a while in the warm sun and fell asleep.

The last of the Swiss left but were replaced by a young family from Dortmund. Three young children who immediately locked on to some of the others in the camping and were to be found playing in the children’s area. They put on a wash which was one of their reasons for visiting the camping. They plan to stay two nights.

There had been a phone call from a Finnish man who was in Chania and wanted to come to the camping. He arrived next and has replaced one of the Swiss vans on the road below the customer kitchen.

The next arrival was a couple in a huge truck so we had a good time getting it into the camping requiring some modification to one of the trees. Lots of shunting back and forth but got there in the end.

I’d decided to swap out the reception camera for the 8MP one and had just finished it. The couple wanted to do some washing so the third load went into the machine.

By this time it was getting dark and the dogs were getting noisy. I’d been out most of the afternoon so they felt neglected. The cats were hanging around fighting waiting for food which was also a contributing factor. I finally came back and put on the Doggy Rice so all was calm again.

It was warm and sunny for most of the day however tomorrow is likely to be wet.


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