Rather Wet

It started out a lot drier than the day finished. Only a few light drops of rain fell as we strode towards the end of the Promontory. The moon was doing its best but is a great deal smaller than when it was full. The intermittent cloud coverage didn’t help much either so I needed my torch on the Promontory as well as the beach. The sea had invaded the end of the river as the wind was blowing from the east pushing the water inland. We crossed further up where it is soggy and muddy but not too wet.

It was 06:50 as we got back so I quickly fed the cats and set off again, this time with Charlie and Isabella. Our walk was also quickly dispensed with as I wanted to get out on my bike as I couldn’t be certain when the rain might come and, furthermore, there was another departure. The German couple who were here in November. They’re off to Agios Nikolaus where they’ve rented an apartment for a few weeks. They say they might come back sometime in February.

I went all the way to the top of the mountain on my bike then through the Paleochora to Petrakis for some groceries. I thought I’d better stock up as the weather might be a little damp for a couple of days.

I saw off the German couple then went to deal with a faulty electrical connection on the lamp pole. A horrid double adaptor with a silly little switch which had given up the ghost. I found a more robust solution from the workshop.

The sky had become quite grey and overcast. The family set off to discover the Promontory and had a reasonably dry walk other than a short shower. I expected the majority of the rain to fall during the latter part of the day.

The Finnish guy wanted to put on some washing and then the friends of the German couple with the big truck arrived as I was playing around with CCTV cameras once again. They managed to shuffle their huge Mercedes into a large covered bay a little way up from their friends. They are another friendly couple and we had a good chat. They put in a load of washing once the first lot was finished. I hope they took it down before the rain started later.

The sky continued to look murky and more threatening as time passed. I went into the shower to use up some of the hot water generated the previous day. It’ll be a lot less warm tomorrow. The rain started just as I was leaving the shower and is still falling now. So far, some 43mm has fallen. Certainly no record but pretty sploshy outside when I went to retrieve Charlie’s bowl at supper time. He had his food inside with everyone else tonight.

From the satellite image, I can see the majority of the rain has passed so the night should be quiet at least. I had to turn the volume up to hear Death in Paradise earlier as the rain rattled down on the roof. It looks a little soggy for the next couple of days.

A gloomy day which ended up being rather wet.


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