A faint glimmer of early dawn showed in the eastern sky as we started the Early Walk somewhat later than usual due to rain. I didn’t bother with flashing collars so we were out more quickly.

The heavy rain which amounted to around 43.7mm the previous day meant the river was blocking the route to Plakaki. Not that Isabella and Skinny were deterred as they ran wildly up and down the beach in the surf chasing the inevitable birds. I collected some oranges and grapefruit washed down in the heavy rain then stranded on the beach by the sea. The walk was extended beyond seven and all participated.

It was almost sunny as I rode towards Paleochora via the top of the mountain having checked around the camping for damage and coaxed the hot water boiler into operation. There were two PAWS puppies, one brown and the other black together with the Crazy Staffie. I dispensed biscuits then continued on my way.

People were moving around when I returned and making use of the finer weather. The washing from the day before was still wet so that was being hung up too.

I fed the dogs, made up the Doggy Dinners and then had some breakfast which included rescued grapefruit. There was even some sun which was a pleasant interlude.

The sound of a motorbike outside the gate heralded the arrival of the postman with a Christmas card for the camping and a package for Florian which I delivered. The postman is getting well trained. He was but the first parcel delivery as there was a visit from ACS and also UPS. The courier companies are getting almost organised. I plodded around the camping delivering munificence whilst the small children played in the bar area or on the swings pushed by their parents.

I was sent a registration document to print so that it could be completed and then scanned, for one of the children to attend school back in Germany.

There were occasional heavy showers but also small amounts of sunshine which amounted to 3.22kWh of electricity; slightly more than has been used up so far today but I heated with gas as the cloudy weather might continue a while longer. It’s still raining at 22:47 with a further 10.9mm on the scoreboard.

On my way back from the loo I discovered my bike lying on the storeroom floor. I was busily cursing the cats until I discovered the rear tyre was flat. I’d been meaning to replace that tyre as it is low. Now I need to replace the tube too! I have spares so will get it done in the morning as I have another exciting visit to the dentist at 14:00.

The small children were not deterred by the wet weather and played nicely together in the shelter of the bar. Their day culminated in pizza as their parents were not bothered to cook so they ordered in and planned to devour it in the bar area. Apparently, they all retreated to the Common Room the previous evening during the heavy rain and thunder storms.

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