Only a threat of rain kept me in bed this morning. I think the rain had already been and gone but I felt it wasn’t worth taking a chance and I’d be going on a bike ride to the dentist so didn’t need to rush around.

Despite the dire forecast, the sky was mostly clear with plenty of stars and moonlight. The dawn light was emerging eastwards as there were so few clouds. We didn’t cross the rocks in the dark as I chickened out as the sea was coming from the west and I didn’t fancy wet feet or lost dogs.

Plakaki was still out of the question as the river was flowing fast and wide so only lanky dogs which like to run in the surf went on. We headed back and this time braved the rocks neatly avoiding the sea as it washed over the causeway. We hastened back as I wanted to go back up the beach so that all of the dogs would feel they’d got their money’s worth out of the walk. There was more bird-chasing, mostly on the part of Skinny. The pair of them went into the sea.

Isabella is the one swimming as Skinny is only paddling. Lucky she wasn’t wearing her flashing collar!

The cats were pleased to see me as it was well past their usual breakfast time. They were as ill-tempered as always, spending more time fighting and arguing that actually eating. Kibble flying in all directions as they fought over the bowls. Not to worry as every little piece is cleared up later when times is ‘ard. I was able to Elevate my mind and enjoy a little uninterrupted Balance to start my day.

There were things to do so I went on a quick walk around the manor to check the boiler was functioning and the electricity hadn’t been knocked out by the rain. There was a fine rainbow as I stood looking westwards on the beach. I could literally watch the rain approaching before feeling it on my face. I adjourned to the shelter of the bar and then back to feed the dogs and get things underway.

With my appointment at 14:00 my first task after breakfast was to fix my rear tyre. The tyre needed changing as it was smooth in the middle and had around 6,000km on it. The puncture was very small so I needed a bowl of water in order to find it. With an electric bike it’s a little more complicated but this is not the first time the rear wheel has been off. Removing the brake calliper makes things easier too. The bike was on the decking so I could nip in and out if it rained. I replaced the tyre and fixed the puncture so I now had transport for my appointment.

I went around the camping once more to test my bike and then walked down to the bar area with a load of washing for Florian. He announced they’d be leaving tomorrow as they wished to spend the New Year at Elafonissi. Together, we checked on the wind forecast which is predicting strong winds tomorrow evening. I mentioned that it’s an exposed location. The other young family were scheduled to leave today but decided to stay on another night. I expect they plan to go to Elafonissi together as all their children seem to get on well.

I rode in to see the dentist who was sitting waiting as I arrived. I went straight in and he got on with the job. I’d understood that he’d be taking an impression this time. Instead, he poked another needle into my jaw and did more root filling. It was a whole bundle of laughs and he shared a pretty picture with me to show what a good job he’d made. I suggested he might make a treatment plan as there are other teeth requiring his attention. I’m sure he was delighted with the prospect of further work. My next appointment is Tuesday at… 14:00!

It was raining as I rode back so I wound up the power and raced back as quickly as possible. The guys working on the drainage project watched as I sped past.

I put my bike into the storeroom and fed the cats as it would soon be time to feed the dogs too. They were pleased to see my although most have been inside much of the day.

There was a little sunshine early on, enough for 2.92kWh. We should see some sun during the weekend so we can charge up, dry up and hopefully get a little warmer too.

A fairly bright start with sunny intervals turning more showery as the day progressed. Wind forecast for tomorrow!

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