I turned over to go back to sleep as I heard the patter/clatter of rain on the metal roof. It was much later when we went out and duplicated the walk of the previous couple of days. Two vans were parked in the beach car park just as there were the previous two days.

We met Jorma and Siiri on our second trip up the beach towards Plakaki. As expected, given all the recent rain, we couldn’t cross the river. Our encounter with Siiri went without incident. Only Luis created a disturbance with some annoying yapping. He’s not been wearing a collar since Isabella’s modification attempt so it was more complicated to persuade him to shut up.

I wandered around the site then sheltered in the covered location by the BBQ as rain poured down. I used the time to Elevate my brain and pet a very wet and fluffy dog belonging to one of the punters with the big trucks. The other truck which left yesterday without paying returned to pay having spent the night at Krios. They used their visit to take advantage of the facilities which I felt not unreasonable. Better to give away things of no real value than charge money as I feel it creates more goodwill.

There were three departures. The latest German family who intended staying only two out of the four they actually remained. Florian took his lot off to Elafonissi and the owner of the fluffy dog joined the exodus there too. I’m sure it’s a very attractive location but not on 31 December when it’s cold, windy and raining. Of the three, Florian was the longest having stayed fourteen nights.

I went back for tea and breakfast and then to sort out the money for Georgia. I’ve not seen her that recently so she’s sure to turn up before long.

Things didn’t improve other than the briefest of sunny spells and the day remained cold and wet. I had to reset the dreaded HW boiler for a change and there was a brief conversation with Kirsti. Jorma and the other Finnish guy are looking for something to do so have volunteered to fix up a shelter for the hot water tank and its associated pumps and plumbing. It’s an eyesore, the equipment will last longer and the water will also remain hotter. Whether HRH will go for it is another matter but they are going to produce drawings and a materials list.

Having been very quiet for most of the day, Isabella was roused to frenetic activity as I prepared their food so I took her to the beach despite the crappy weather. Some of the beach van dwellers were congregating around one of the vans exchanging seasonal greetings and gluhwein. Isabella introduced herself and dragged their dog, a Chocolate Lab, out to play ball.

She was in her element as she was exuding excess energy and had both a human and doggy audience to admire her. He plodded around and found the ball a couple of times whilst she raced around like something possessed. The wind and rain increased as darkness fell so we wished our new the usual Greetings and parted.

We returned to the others and I fed them as their rice was ready. Afterwards, we retired within where the heater had been on for a while. I waited for my food to cook and exchanged the gas bottle for the remainder left by Florian. Seems a shame to waste it.

The end of 2021…

It started and ended wet with more wetness in between. The weather was pretty consistent other than brief sunny spells. Roll on Jan 1 and the threat of some sunshine.


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