Anniversary II

It was another fine morning but a trifle windy, a chilly northerly wind which made progress towards Plakaki slow on the outbound but a breeze on the way back. Dawn’s first light was creeping up from the horizon just after 06:20 but the moon was not to be seen.

We were back before seven so I was able to feed the cats and take Isabella out for another quick circuit with her ball. She’s getting the hang of dropping the ball exchanging it for a treat and then running like a mad thing after it. I Elevated my brain than went out and up the mountain.

The wind was against me as I cycled towards Paleochora so it was even stronger at the top of the mountain. I had a lot of assistance through the narrow section near the top. I sailed down again and stopped at EKO to wish Manolis happy new year and to ask him to bring some gas for the kitchen. I went along the seafront and to the PAWS area at the port. There was not a dog to be seen until I was setting off towards the town centre to find the bonkers Staffie rushing towards me along the road. I stopped and petted her then gave her some biscuits then left her to continue back to the others who were doubtless not too far away.

To my relief, Petrakis was open so I bought some bananas and other bits and pieces including a refill for the large gas cylinder which ran out yesterday evening. There should be another delivered tomorrow.

I went for a quick tour of the camping where I met Frank who was headed for the bathroom. He asked for the washing machine. It was only after that I discovered a message from Niklas wanting the same. He opted for the 07:30 spot tomorrow morning so Isabella and I need to be back before then in the morning. We’ll be up and out early tomorrow.

From here onwards the day went into a bit of a decline. Other than dealing with Frank’s wash, I didn’t get up to much other than to sit in the sunshine occasionally falling asleep. Not such a bad way to spend a Holiday Sunday I suppose.

There was a burst of activity as I fed the cats, had a shower and put some of my cloths in the washing machine for a change. I’ve left the load to soak and will set it going before I take the dogs out in the morning so that it’s done before 07:30.

The wind moderated during the day which was generally sunny and warm. Other than finding something to bark at occasionally, the dogs spent much of the day asleep either out on the decking with me or inside.

Today marks one year since the Maternal Demise. I’m certain that by now she has everyone in the Afterlife properly organised and she and Dot haven’t stopped talking!

A windy but clear start and a warm and sunny day. I sat outside in the sun. Some of the punters when swimming.
The moon in the dawn sky at 06:42, 1 January 2022.


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