All Washed Out

Not much green to be seen except on a few of the islands

I steeled myself for a more rapid exit from my pit as I needed to go to the laundry to set the machine off so that my washing would be done before the first load scheduled for 07:30. I discovered someone had emptied my laundry into a large bowl and it was waiting patiently for me.

I lugged it back feeding the cats on the way then took the dogs out for their walks. The river is still flowing nicely at such a rate that I knew we wouldn’t be crossing it just from the noise emanating from the darkness ahead. Even Skinny and Isabella decided to keep their feet dry so I dished out biscuits for those present and we headed back.

With such a cloudless sky there were plenty of stars but no moon or reflected light making it very dark especially as we were out earlier than we have been recently. Obi took himself off at one point and I have reason to believe he went into the camping to wind up Georgia’s dogs. I heard them barking so I used a little remote persuasion on Obi and so they stopped. Call it coincidence if you like… Obi joined Isabella and I at the end of her walk. Charlie managed to get sidetracked just walking across the field back to the camping so I wasn’t having much luck considering I was trying to get back in time to meet Niclas for the first of his two loads of washing.

With the machine on the go, I set off for the top of the mountain on my bike and took in a quick visit to Petrakis for some bananas, and potatoes for the doggy dinners tomorrow. I have yet another dental appointment at 14:00 so will not be going out for a ride earlier in the day. I plan to visit Heike for some food for Isabella then do the dental appointment.

The wash was not complete when I got back as it was a full load even at only 40ºC. I went to see Luca and Mirya who are leaving for a trip to Santorini before returning to Switzerland to work for a few months to enable more travelling. They are considering taking one of the cats which has adopted them so may return to Grammeno after their trip to Santorini as they plan to leave their van in Iraklion. They’ve stayed over forty nights on this stay, their second this season.

The ladies are off to Iceland for a couple of weeks at the end of the month so were asking about leaving their van at the camping. I said this would be ok and free of charge considering they’ve been staying at the camping for two months.

The second wash went in so I was able to escape back to my breakfast and to enjoy the sunshine. There were lots of things to do however my enthusiasm had all been used up so I did very little until the second wash was ready. The Schmidt family were on the beach so sunny and warm was the day! They were delighted with the prospect of another huge bowl of washing to hand up to dry.

The postman arrived on his motorbike with a small package for Frank which I duly took to him. One of the couples has decided to stay for another month so crossed my palm with money for the camping and their last month’s electricity. I went back to enjoy the sunshine.

And so the day continued. The ladies with the little dogs who came just before Christmas returned to T1 this evening having spent time walking part of the Irene Gorge on their way here today. They’ve paid for two nights. I received an enquiry for one of the Small Cabins from a couple who stayed two years ago before the Pandemic. Their friend would like to stay for a month or two. Paul Baker, who was one of the teachers on the St Paul’s Leicester trips to Dieppe all those years ago, wrote to keep me up to date with their fortunes in Sunderland. Mary, his wife has suffered from Parkinson’s for many years and their youngest son, Simon is epileptic and still lives with them. Paul has his work cut out.

The end of the day was taken up with unloading the washing line, folding and putting away all my clothes and preparing food for the dogs and myself.

A clear and windless start with a sunny, warm morning leading to a cloudy afternoon. Tomorrow is forecast to be cloudy in the morning with the possibility for some rain but with sunny intervals in the afternoon.


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