SIM Trials

I was soon asleep after my early start and short night before. So sleepy that I woke up and then fell back asleep until 05:25! I’m not sure the extra time did my any good as I found it quite difficult to get going. Nevertheless, we did our best to make up time and no dogs went missing. The Rug had hopefully found her way home the previous night as there was no sign of her on the beach or Promontory. The river was still far too wide to cross with dry feet so Plakaki was still unattainable.

I took Isabella and her ball out once I’d fed the cats. We met up with Jorma and Siiri so Isabella showed off her ball-chasing skills as we walked together towards the field and back to the camping.

I Elevated my brain before setting off for Petrakis for some provisions. Litsa called out as I was riding past so I asked if she might help me get my phone working. She made a number of calls to Germanos and Cosmote having gone through the application on the phone to conclude that the SIM had not been activated. Apparently, it is only possible to activate the SIM on presentation in person of your ID. I wonder how I was able to buy the SIM online if it still required activation at the shop. I’m supposed to travel to the Cosmote store in Chania or Castelli with my passport in order to activate the SIM. I think not. Having taken up a lot of Litsa’s time to no avail, I eventually went into Paleochora for my shopping.

I discovered a large rock in the road on the corner where so much effort had been made to protect the road from falling rocks. All that drilling, blasting and netting didn’t prevent goats from dislodging a rock easily capable of killing someone as they passed below. I picked it out of the road and put it by the side as it would have destroyed any vehicle wheel which struck it.

I released and fed the dogs as time was getting on. The day was still overcast but not cold. The couple in T1 were just leaving so I went to see them off and concluded with a wander around the camping talking to Frank on the way.

I went back to the van where I received a message from Juergen asking if he might use the washing machine at 15:00. The day brightened up a little and Kirsti took Isabella out for a walk. Juergen arrived soon after three and we put in his wash then sat chatting in the Common Room. He suggested he might add my SIM to his account when his Greek neighbour called round with his computer later. The Cosmote app is only in Greek and neither of us nor Litsa could make much sense of it. I sent him the SIM details.

The day was nearly done so it was a question of feeding the animals and then myself. Tony was doing the rubbish and mentioned that CoVID is rife in Kountoura and Paleochora. He said he was glad to be working out in the open with the olives.

Mostly cloudy although there was no measurable rain and only 1.1kWh worth of sunshine.


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