Three Kings

The wind changed pushing the sea from the south and east as we trotted up to the end of the Promontory. The rocks were still navigable and we crossed the causeway with dry feet. If only Oskar wouldn’t stop halfway across to see if a wave is coming!

Plakaki is still inaccessible due to the river so we had some biscuits and walked back. Isabella and I went out with her ball later and then I cycled up the mountain and into Paleochora which was quiet as expected. Vakakis was open for bread as was Anatoli but Petrakis was closed. There was generally not much going on.

I put some washing on earlier as the weather looked good for drying. I took this out and put in some for Niclas. We agreed that, with two small children, there was always going to be plenty of washing.

I fed the dogs and then took back the washing and collected a SIM from the ladies who’d visited Kastelli for their vaccination yesterday. They kindly went to Germanos and signed up a SIM on their account and gave it to me as a thank you for looking after them during their stay. Sonja said she felt a little tired after the vaccination but Sandra was just a little sore on the injection site. They were amazed to see that the appointment list was hand-written although the actual vaccination was very efficient.

Kirsti took Isabella for a walk on the beach and collected The Rug on the way. I caught them up and let Isabella off the lead to play with The Rug. We walked as far as the Small Beach and had a paddle before returning to the camping. I took Isabella in and The Rug went off on other business.

My sheets were dry so I made my bed. Not just clean but new sheets! Other than a FaceTime call from Janne and Erica who have picked up Covid and will arrive 27 February, there was little other excitement.

The day was much sunnier and warmer than expected as the forecast was quite pessimistic. Saturday and Sunday are looking a little unsettled and Monday and Tuesday positively wet assuming the forecast is correct.


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