Plakaki And Beyond!

Fido was fidgeting around so I assumed he wanted to go out. I got out of bed to discover that his problem was that there was no more seating space and he wasn’t up for sleeping on the floor. There wasn’t too long to go before wake up time anyway so it didn’t much matter.

There was a little humidity in the air for the early walk and this became more apparent as we reached the end of the Promontory. We lurked in the shelter of some rocks until it was less damp and we were able to proceed. A little daring since we were about to cross the rocks which is the most exposed location of all. The weather was obliging and we crossed without becoming too much wetter and Oskar managed not to stop to see if a wave was coming to wash him away.

The beach was still blocked by the river however the water was being pushed up by the sea and it was possible to cross in the muddy bit further inland. Today is the first day we’ve been to Plakaki in a while.

Having given the dogs biscuits on the highest point on the rocks, it became apparent the rain had returned with more determination. We headed back to the camping at a brisk pace stopping at the cave for a couple of minutes. I wasn’t sure if I was hearing the sea on the rocks or the sound of the rain falling on the plastic for the greenhouses. This is often the early warning system as the noise is quite loud and unmistakable. We set off again at an even brisker pace and almost made it to the compound before the rain started to fall with renewed vigour. I put the dogs inside the van after drying them off, made tea and then sat outside with Isabella with the rain pounding on the awing roof. Over nine millimetres fell is around thirty minutes leaving large puddles around the camping and the makings of a muddy swimming pool down by the small gate onto the beach.

I wandered the camping to see that everything was working as expected. The HW boiler for the main bathrooms had gone into a decline and the power was off on one of the circuits serving the entrance drive and the lamp pole. A couple of breakers were over so I reset the main breaker excluding the iffy breakers.

I had a wash to put in for Sandra who came along earlier than 09:00 to put in a humongous wash. They must have been in their underwear!

I had no desire to ride my bike given the darkening sky and the very wet roads. I needed to get more cat food as the weather is likely to remain less than favourable after the weekend. I planned to wait until later in the day.

The postman arrived with a package for Herr Schmidt whilst I was chatting to Frank. The dogs were barking madly so I guessed it had to be the postman. Niclas was the only candidate for mail.

I had doggy dinners to complete and thought I’d do some banana bread as the sun was shining producing lots of electricity. I went into Paleochora to find that Heike only had 8kg of cat food. The other was mightily expensive and 8kg will last several days. Sandra said they’d go into Paleochora on Tuesday and take their van so would pick up 40kg for me. The pussies eat quite a bit when it’s colder.

It was less sunny as I rode back to the camping via Petrakis where I bought cocoanut milk for the BB. I bought bananas which I felt might also be handy.

Juergen sent an unexpected message advising he would be visiting without mentioning he wanted the washing machine. I put him off as I’d just started heating the over and was making the BB. He arrived some forty minutes later. We put his wash on and chatted for a while in the Common Room. I had DDs to process so was relieved when Juergen disappeared into Paleochora for an hour. His wash completed so I packed it up in his bag ready for him to collect. He tells me he’s going back to Germany on Tuesday so might pop by before.

The dogs were fed so it was a matter of feeding myself and calling it a day. This was until I received a call from ACS via Maria to tell me that some parcels were on their van and Niclas had told DHL they were urgent. I felt that Niclas would not wish to drive into Paleochora seeing he has young children so suggested they might leave the consignment at Petrakis or at the bus station. In stead, the nice ACS man volunteered to bring them to the camping tonight. I’m now waiting for a call from Maria so that I can meet the ACS man at the office. I’d better drop him a few bob for his troubles.

A damp start but with some sunshine in the middle of the day and only a few spots of rain later. Things still look very unsettled over the weekend although decidedly wet might be a more apt description as we move into the beginning of next week.


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