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I my haste to get inside the previous morning, the gate to the field was left open as well as that which leads from the main compound into the SDC. I went out on my bike for an hour and spent quite a bit of time in the camping. None of the dogs used the opportunity to go walkabout. They might even not to have noticed!

I was surprised to discover the early rain forecast the previous day had disappeared leaving us a dry Early Walk. We were not alone as there was a motorhome in the beach car park, another opposite the field and a caravan further up towards Plakaki. The sea was from the east so there were no problems with the rocks or causeway. Getting to Plakaki was a different matter as the river was again too wide to cross anywhere.

I took Charlie and Isabella out for another walk once I’d brought the others back and fed the cats. Isabella was chasing her ball and has grasped the concept of bringing it back and actually releasing it so that it can be thrown again. So long as she feels in the mood to share it and forego the pleasure of being in charge.

I Elevated my brain took Niclas his massive package then rode towards Paleochora when it began to rain. The raindrops were extremely large and thundery so I left my bike on the cycleway to shelter under the bridge. A great plan other than there was a lot of water under the bridge already. I contented myself with standing close to the bridge in the lee. The rain lasted only a few minutes so I continued on to Paleochora and back again after some shopping in Petrakis.

Once back at the camping, I went to collect money from Niclas who is taking his family east for a while and getting a checkup for their baby son. I gave him some possible locations to stop and he said they’d probably come back to Grammeno anyway.

The cloudy sky gave way to sunshine and warmth which I enjoyed as I sat and ate my breakfast. I didn’t get up to much until early afternoon when I decided to use up some of the hot water generated during the morning. There was a missed call on my phone from Maria to tell me someone was at reception where I found a couple of cyclist planning to stay in their tent. I talked them into Z6 for two nights as it might be a little wet early tomorrow morning. And for an additional €3 each/night it seemed like a good deal.

I prepared the doggy rice then took Isabella on a visit to the beach for a little run around with her ball. I felt this might be a good idea if the morning walk is shortened due to rain.

Rain is due in the night and tomorrow through to Monday and Tuesday. Today has been very good after the initial showers and thundery outbursts.

Some short showers first thing then very sunny and warm contrary to the prediction. The next few days are forecast to be wet


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