The early forecast promised rain however it wasn’t raining at 05:00 so I took a chance that we’d get a bit of a walk before the predicted rain arrived. The sky was mostly clear as I could see stars. However, we didn’t hang about so kept a good pace down to the end of the Promontory and over the rocks. There was some hesitancy crossing the causeway as the sea was from the south east and some waves were washing over into the lagoon. Obi and Skinny had elected to go around the long way but caught us up at the next biscuit stop.

We hastened along the beach to where the river crosses. Today, the sea is pushing the water back up into the river so it wasn’t possible to cross with dry feet. There wasn’t really time to get to Plakaki and back anyway. I moved up to the road managing to dodge most of the puddles. It was just as we were inline with the field entrance the rain started to fall so we detoured back into the van and the dry. The remainder of the dogs eventually cottoned on to the change of plan with Obi, Skinny and Charlie the last to come back. I used the time to feed the cats before it started to rain heavily. For once, everything worked out just as intended. So far, 8.4mm of rain has fallen although the forecast precipitation for today is another 25mm.

There was thunder and lightening with a close flash and loud bang which hurried even Charlie back. Then the rain fell hard with more banging and crashing. I sat outside under the awning, Elevated my brain and completed a meditation with the rain as a soporific backdrop. The dogs were inside the van listening to ragtime in RP. With the volume up, the more distant thunderclaps were masked. Right now, the sun is shining but I suspect this is simply a temporary lull in the proceedings. I moved on to a little server maintenance after a cup of tea and some breakfast.

The day only improved becoming mostly sunny and quite warm with just the occasional dullness and some light rainy spells. A Swiss guy came to see me. He was staying at Paleochora camping but has now taken Z4. He would have had Z3 but the door was stuck.

I climbed up onto the roof of the workshop as the antenna for my Blitzortung box needed strengthening as one of the cable ties had broken. I took the opportunity to clean out the drainage pipes as the roof was ponding more than usual. I was soon joined by a few cats who followed me around or lazed in the sun.

Despite the massing clouds and changeable weather, I got on my bike for a run over Panorama and around Paleochora. I thought about going to the top of the mountain but was mindful of the chance of a soaking. Once back at the camping, I wandered down to the beach and put a sun lounger on the sand for a few moments relaxation. Strangely, I was joined by only a couple of cats but found myself cooling down when I woke up a while later. It was a very restful interlude with my little fluffy friend.

It was time to put on some food for the evening and then to take Isabella for a quick run around the Promontory as she didn’t get much of a walk this morning. The Swiss guy deserted Paleochora camping and arrived on his bike to take up residence in Z4.

In the sun, it felt much warmer than 15.8ºC but otherwise a very changeable day albeit a lot sunnier than was forecast. Tomorrow is forecast to be wet although we might get out first thing for a walk if we’re quick.
Most of Greece is dark red, the highest infection level. I suspect it’s mostly Omicron so it’s better to have it and get it out of the way. I don’t believe it’s practical or desirable to try to vaccinate the entire population so we just need to learn to live with it.

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