Wet and Cold

I didn’t get to the end of my sleep-time meditation. I suppose that’s a good thing…

There was rain in the night but it conveniently stopped so that we could have dry, uninterrupted walks. The river across the beach was as wide, if not wider than I’ve seen it before so even Isabella found herself in deep water as she crossed over.

I could see the stars disappearing and the cloud building so I knew it would only be a matter of time before the rain came. Isabella was out for another thirty minutes with plenty of ball-chasing.

It wasn’t good weather for cycling so my bike hasn’t seen the light of day. The morning was wet and miserable although there were some sunny spells which were very short-lived but welcome.

A Swiss couple arrived and have moved into Z5 so now we have a little cycle touring community: French, Spanish, Austrian and Swiss. The Swiss hope to catch the ferry to Gavdos in the morning and I suspect the French/Spanish couple are too. They paid for another night.

Rain continued to fall throughout the day. The postman delivered three packages and a bank statement for the camping. One of the packages is for Florian and contains his latest consignment of Sugar Puffs from Amazon.

I processed the DDs which I prepared in the morning before taking Isabella out onto the beach and around the Promontory. She’s much more relaxed if she gets another walk or at least a run on the beach. Fortunately, the others don’t seem to mind that much and it’s quicker to get her out on her own than to bring them all. She ran after her ball and rescued it from the lagoon which was full of water. The sea is from the southwest so breaking over the rocks and washing over the causeway.

Many of the dogs were inside for much of the day as it was a little chilly outside. I didn’t see Skinny move much at all. So far 15.5mm of rain has fallen, most of it during the day. I suspect more will fall before midnight and again in the early hours of tomorrow. There is a high possibility of rain early in the morning but perhaps things might change before then.


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