Generally Wet and Miserable

Having checked the weather forecast to reveal that some 12mm rain was due to fall between 06:00 and 08:00, I felt that discretion might be the better part of valour and fell back asleep having released Skinny from the van. The others seemed content to remain in the warmth and comfort of the inside. Only Obi kept Skinny company outside.

It was not until 07:30 that we set off on our not-so-early walk across the flooded field towards the beach road which ran with water. Nothing like 12mm fell, more like 2mm but there was a good racket as heavy rain and hail battered the metal roof accompanied by a solitary thunderclap.

There was still a great deal of cloud although the more threatening had scuttled off to the east to bother other parts of the island. Reinforcements could be seen towards the southwest so I kept my eyes peeled.

The river was out of the question but the walk up the beach and back was bracing. I could easily keep track of the dogs as it was broad daylight but things were complicated by sheep and lambs in a nearby field.

As we went around again we could see Sonja exercising on the beach soon to be joined by Sandra. They twirled their holà hoops vigorously about their waists. The dogs and I continued down and up onto the rocks being careful to stay away from the windward side where the waves were crashing into the cliffs. Crossing the causeway and the rocks would have been an extremely wet and uncomfortable affair which we avoided.

It was around nine when we made it back for breakfast and to feed the cats who, by this time, were at the point of expiration. I gave them a generous helping of biscuits as compensation for the lateness of the service,

I had some tea and breakfast then dealt with a call from Wisdom Sports in Haywards-Heath where things were not working as expected following a power cut in the night. With that excitement out of the way I amused myself with a little more work on my Mac Mini with the occasional foray into the camping.

The day was a mixture of downpours and general misery. It was cold and wet so utterly uninspiring. I played with the Laundry Camera which is now set up on the Dexion racking so that I can view both the control panel on the boiler and the washing machine.

The afternoon approached and the cats reappeared for further food. The Swiss plan to take their pussy and Heidi’s pet passport to Máleme to see Stavros tomorrow early afternoon and then continue on to Chania to pick up Luca’s iPhone which has been repaired.

I had intended taking Isabella and her ball onto the beach but the showers were frequent and heavy so I rather lost the will. Instead, I prepared the evening meal and we called it a day.

The sound of a car horn outside announced the arrival of Tony bearing a Pyrex containing various stuffed vegetables. Good for you Martha! That will provide a little variation for a few days. It’s so much better when someone else prepares the food especially when they take so much more trouble that I do.

I received a reply from Florian regarding his Amazon package. Apparently, the order had been cancelled and the money refunded so now I’m the proud owner of a couple more USB cables, some fish tank cleaner and a massive container of fish oil capsules! Florian’s gas bottle eventually ran out having provided warmth for at least two evenings.

20.3mm precipitation so far. Generally wet and miserable


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