That Crazy Weather

No excuse for loafing so I was out of bed and dressing so that we could get a decent walk underway. The field was awash with puddles but that was mostly from the day before as the ground is sodden due to so much rain.

The waves were less lively than the day before as the wind was more moderate but now from the north. The sea was still strong from the southwest. We didn’t bother with the rocks until later. The river was running fast and wide so I don’t think even the most adventurous of the dogs bothered to try to cross it. We walked back and up to the highest point on the rocks where we paused momentarily to admire the sea and crashing waves. The wind was strong, the rocks wet and it was still dark so we turned northwards again.

The dogs were keen to get back inside the van so I fed the cats and then took Isabella and her ball out for a jolly around the Promontory. This time we took in the rocks but easily managed to keep our feet dry. It’s a whole lot easier when I only have myself and one dog to consider. Upon our return, I Elevated my brain and managed to reach the end of my meditation before slipping off briefly into the Land of Nod.

I released the dogs and fed them, made more tea and fed myself. There was a visit from Antonis who’d come to see Jorma about his centre wiper spindle which needed a weld having sheered off. He returned the repaired part later in the day.

The day settled down to be blustery and a mixture of sun/wind/showers. The north wind blew the rain over the mountains giving some great rainbows.

I went to the office to play with the CCTV for a while. The Swiss went to Chania and Máleme to see Stavros who has signed Heidi off for another three years EU travel.

I took Isabella for another trip around the promontory. The end of the Promontory was almost dry and protected to some degree from the wind. Standing in the sun watching Isabella charge up and down after her ball was not at all unpleasant.

The wind gradually increased and odd items took off an blew around the camping. The various cyclists seem to have settled into the Common Room and I understand they will stay until the weather stabilises. I fixed a couple of the toilet tissue dispensers in the cubicles. Kirsti pointed out that rain ran into the dispenser from a leak in the roof making all the paper wet. I wasn’t up for treating the ailment just the symptom so I moved the dispenser.

Antonis returned Jorma’s wiper spindle and disappeared before Kirsti could give him the €10 for his trouble. I fed the cats and then sorted out the doggy rice. Isabella and I went on yet another walk around the Promontory where we met a couple of German women and their dogs. I thought I’d be the only person crazy enough to be walking a dog in such horrid weather.

The sun was munificent and provided nearly 9kWh of electricity which I’m managing to burn up right now to keep my feet warm. All of the dogs are inside as it’s cold outside as well as flappy and windy. One section of the tent sides is on it’s last legs so I’ve attached it to the decking with a couple of coach bolts and large washers where it’s ripped. I definitely need to sort something out for next winter.

Crazy Weather: Showers, wind and lots of sunshine! It might have been quite pleasant without the wind.


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