The wind was blowing and there was light rain on the roof so I really had no desire to get up. It was after 06:30 when I eventually surfaced so it was starting to get light as we set off on our walk.

The dead goat/sheep on the beach is still a distraction so I needed to call the troops to me and keep them together. The rocks were again passable in both directions and we were joined by The Rug as we walked up towards the river and Plakaki.

The two girls played vigorously together as we walked alongside a comparatively calm sea. It was blowing hard from the north and it wasn’t overly warm. The river was running faster than usual pushing back the waves as it connected with the sea.

The river pushing back the waves
A dog with a fluffy tail!

Time was moving on so we moved straight into food and tea. The cats were fed and the Doggy Dinners created. A bit of a mess this time as I’d not been to the supermarket recently. It was still too windy for reliable bike transport as the wind was from the north.

I’d noticed the rear tyre of the Swiss camper was looking rather flat. I saw no signs of life so decided to return later. Unfortunately, I was too late as Luca had removed the object. My plan was to pump the tyre and then drive to get it fixed but this was not to be. Frank was on the case and was removing the wheel when I arrived. I supplied an axle stand to support the van whilst the wheel as away.

Frank, Luca and I went to EKO where we saw Manolis who said he’d have it repaired by 13:00. Very convenient for my dental appoint so I hitched a lift back again as it was still very blowy and I didn’t fancy it on a bike. Sandra risked it and confirmed that it was very scary.

I have my new crown and another appointment for next Thursday. This time it’s for a bridge to make up for the tooth I had pulled in 2014. Not having that tooth is becoming a bit of a bind and the dentist tells me the other teeth will be better with the gap filled. The last filling I had done also needs a crown which I was told at the time. Just putting off the evil moment. This dentist knows his stuff and the prices are reasonable so maybe these teeth will go with me.

I’d put on a wash just before leaving for the dentist so took it out when I came back only to have Mirya ask to do a wash followed by the Austrian cyclist who appeared to be washing his entire wardrobe.

I had the Doggy Dinners to process but Georgia arrived so I ended up captive in the common room as she talked about her latest acquisition of two fairly recent and much more upmarket static vans. She plans to put them next to Z1/2 with a grandstand view of the sea. Quite how this is to manifest itself is yet to be seen. I left Tony, Georgia and a tape measure wandering around in the falling darkness. These vans are to go for €115/night plus electricity in the high season. Georgia appears to have grasped the additional cost of electricity and the need to account for it separately. Better for the environment too as customers should be more responsible if they are paying for it separately. I just have to put the system into operation in a way which causes me minimum inconvenience and can be managed by the office staff. I seem to have permission to buy more cameras and WiFi access points too. Like the last purchase: “buy what’s necessary and tell me how much it costs”. Good for me!

It appears the Austrian cyclist is moving on tomorrow and the other four will leave on Saturday. Not bad for a one/two night stay but the weather has been far from idea for cycle touring.

I’d fed the cats so the dogs were eager at my arrival as darkness was falling. I put on their rice then concentrated on processing the DDs and making food for myself. Not hard as I still had some of Martha’s stuffed peppers and tomatoes in the fridge. Just a little more rice and off we go!

The day has been cold and windy as well as sometimes wet. The wind has now moderated so we’ll not spend another night being shaken around. Hopefully, there will be little wind tomorrow so that I can get out early and into town for the supermarket. I’ve not ridden my bike in several days!

Cold, sometimes wet, and windy. Things should improve over the weekend but perhaps go downhill again next week. After all, it IS January.
Maude off Paleochora sheltering from the wind. Can’t say I blame them. Taken at 07:34. Sunrise will soon be earlier!


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