Rude Awakening

Having invited The Rug to go home last night I retired to my boudoir somewhat later than usual having got up somewhat later too.

At 03:55 there was a woof at the compound gate which I recognised so I replied with a polite request to desist with the woofing business and await my arrival. You can imagine how I felt having arisen from my warm bed to wander across the compound to let in The Rug. She sauntered in wagging her tail, went into the awning area and made herself comfortable until morning. I was unable to resume my slumbers so contented myself with thinking beautiful thoughts until it was time to get up.

A lot earlier than yesterday and colder too. The wind had changed to the southwest so we skipped the rocks and, with the wind behind us, headed up the Promontory towards the beach and river. I was unsurprised to find the river still running hard. It was dark and cold so I distributed some biscuits and we set off back to Grammeno Beach.

The deceased animal is still decaying delicately providing a smelly lure to participating dogs. Oskar and Fido came back smelling of anything but roses. Fido reminded me by parking himself under my chair during the day. We stopped briefly in the sandy area by the rocks so that Isabella could race around madly with The Rug in pursuit and the other dogs joining in with noisy barking. Bring it on! No one could hear them and they dispelled plenty of energy.

We went back, I fed the cats and drank some tea before taking The Rug and Isabella out again. They wore each other out so The Run is good value for a small amount of biscuits occasionally. Her owner collected her from me in the past so I’d expect him to come here first having mislaid her for more than twenty-four hours.

I decided to wait until later to ride my bike as the forecast predicted the wind would moderate and it would be sunny. I Elevated my brain then let out the dogs and fed them.

I put on a machine for the Swiss couple and waited until it had finished before setting off for Petrakis on my bike. I’d decided to go over Panorama but continued up the mountain as the wind was behind me and it was sunny and warm. My next stop was Petrakis where I bought a very good cauliflower as well as some bananas to finish off the banana bread. Not forgetting the two potatoes weighing 1kg each!

I finished off the banana bread and put it in the oven to cook. It was pleasant sitting in the sun so it’s possible that I may have lost concentration as a result of the early disturbance to my slumbers. The afternoon passed by and it was soon time to put on the doggy rice and prepare the cauliflower for myself.

The Swiss and French couples are leaving tomorrow and the lone Austrian left today. Interesting as he claimed that he’d be staying a week. He’d paid upfront so it didn’t matter.

There was a little cloud in the afternoon but the PV generated 9.7kWh of energy which will have filled up the battery after my heating session last night as well as replenish the 2kWh taken by the oven to make the banana bread.

A cold and windy start which turned out warm and very sunny. The sea is calming down again.


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