Level Five

Other than Gavdos and a few other small islands, most of Greece is at level 5, the highest infection level. Now the play is to see which is increasing or decreasing.

Obi and Charlie spent the night outside on the decking with The Rug as they felt it was warmer than of late, personally, I woke up feeling I needed a blanket over me. I’d hoped the dogs might appreciate a lie-in however they had other ideas; I was in no position to disagree so jumped out of bed for the Early Walk.

There was no wind but it was not warm and extremely dark. The dreaded corpse is still a big distraction so there was some delay getting to the end of the Promontory and across the rocks.

The river was still uncrossable so we turned about after some biscuits and set off for the second assault of the Promontory. Due to the doggy eagerness to get out I was able to watch Venus rise as I carried out some exercises whilst admiring the approaching dawn. The Rug and Isabella ran around madly for a bit and then we went back to the camping. I put the dogs inside, made tea and fed the cats then sat down to Elevate my brain. It was much lighter by then so I took the two girls out for another walk where they expended plenty of energy chasing madly around. Those two get on well together so it would be interesting to know the age difference.

Kirsti arrived to ask if she might get her first wash in and then I went to meet the French couple to collect their money. They were having breakfast in the Common Room. They mentioned they’d be heading east so I warned them of the windiness and the fact that it’s now the coldest part of the year.

I went back to feed the dogs and to get some breakfast before putting in the second of Kirsti’s washes. Shortly afterwards, a man with a van arrived and he is now down by the sliding gates to the beach. The Swiss were leaving so I suggested he might take their spot but have not checked up on his final position.

Later still, a Dutch couple arrived. They’d warned me of their impending arrival yesterday. They sold up and bought a motorhome so have been on the road for a year. I don’t think they have any particular plans and are making it up as they go along. They’re talking about getting a rental car and doing some trips. It’ll be interesting to see how long they stay.

I went into Paleochora for some groceries and then took The Rug home as she’s not been back there for several days. She seemed to be quite keen as we walked up the road towards her house and the gate was open so I let her go back on her own.

The wind got up as the day progressed but otherwise it’s been much warmer and sunny. The dogs have been alone and I was just walking back when there was a loud disturbance which involved Obi. I’m pretty sure Isabella was at the back of it so she was banished to the SDC and is now on her own outside. There was some disturbance between her and Oskar first thing with too much attention being paid to Obi and Charlie out on the walk. She’s far too heavy and bouncy for the smaller dogs but Isabella respects The Rug as she gives as good as she gets.

A chilly but clear start becoming windy later in the day. Tomorrow is looking sunny but unsettled weather will be the trend next week.

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